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PRAYER VIGIL SCHEDULE (add comment to request a time slot)


Hi everyone else who loves the Zegarskis! So here is the beginnings of the schedule for Thursday. If you are “just tuning in” I left a post yesterday detailing our day of prayer this Thursday starting at 6am. E-mail me at to let me know if you’d like to participate (and if you live in Naperville, also let me know if you’d be interested in going to a specific site to pray such as the young life office). The schedule thus far is as follows:

6:00am  Christina Matousek, Paula Draheim, Bob Whitney, Kirby Snell, Jeff Rubin, Jenn Mesko, Amy Pasqualini
6:30am  Ann-Marie Stuopys, Heather Lewantowicz, Janice Rubin, Gail Reed, Melanie McCord
7:00am Beth Buschman, Mitch McKenna, Katie Albaugh
7:30am  Rachel Baron, Jason Lewantowicz, Vickie Sinclair, Bob Whitney
8:00am Jordan Burton, Carleen Suttman, Joy Thomas, Mary O'Brien
8:30am Sam Curley, Susan Stamm, Judy Maples
9:00am  Debbie Dixon, Bessma Shamma, Jeanne Brennesholtz
9:30am  Linda Doyle, Jenny Escalante, Stacey Schmelzel, Jack Kelly
10:00am  Wendy Bell, Aimee Tucker, Kevin Thommes
10:30am  Wendy Bell, Mary Ashley, Ben Chambers
11:00am  Shawn Belmont, Megan Pehlke, Jessica Maples
11:30am  Aimee Tucker, Patti Rice
12:00pm  Jessica Maples, Kathy Bossingham
12:30pm Kevin Reeve, Matt Walker, Dan Riordan
1:00pm  Katy Johnson
1:30pm  Cindy Geighes, Becky Davis
2:00pm  Jenny Escalante, Scott Rice, Jen Gioffre Poland
2:30pm Julie Wachter, Raeann Everts
3:00pm  Karen Doer, Brendan Wischweh
3:30pm Aaron Wachter
4:00pm  Katie Doyle, Shelly Prado
4:30pm  Goodman family, Gail and Phil Ebersole
5:00pm  Ryan Magnuson
5:30pm   Mary Ashley, Liz Lmbka (and crew)
6:00pm  Megan Pehlke, Joy Mysliwiec
6:30pm  Joy Mysliwiec, Molly Winkelmeyer, Nancy Rahsman, Patti Van Dorn
7:00pm Erin Strong, Shannon Hallstrom
7:30pm Sister Strong, Dave Sloop
8:00pm Mom Strong
8:30pm  Beth Stoy
9:00pm  Chad & Melissa Perry, Stacey Matiyow
9:30pm  Leslie Swiss, Linda Doyle, Sarah Naffzinger
10:00pm  Martha Turner, Sarah Naffziger, Wendy Bell
10:30pm  Ken Fay, Anna Davidson, Kristi Vana
11:00pm  Julia Redford,  Collette Cerveny (and Dayton YL leaders), Ida Lynn Wenhold
11:30pm  Justin Elder, eli Margaron
12:00am  Desiree Singleton, Emmy Childress
12:30am  Matt Maragon, Ben Thomas
1:00am Sarah Spunt
1:30am  Rob Engelhardt
2:00am Beth Griebel
2:30am Dan Griebel
3:00am Ellie Liebovitz
3:30am  Lisa Haid
4:00am  Lisa Haid, Damon Frahler
4:30am Kari & Mike Ledebuhr, Dave & Gwen Hubbard
5:00am The Lunde Family, Annie Udell, Kim Schutter, Jeff Chesemore
5:30am Kim Hoffman, Vickie Sinclair, Barbara Gobrail, Heather Radinski, Melissa Page, Marcia McKenna
6:00am Margaret Sumner

Please e-mail me to let me know if you’d like to join us in prayer for Mike, Michelle, McKaela, Eli, and the rest of the Zegarski/Bultema bunch. THANKS again for showing me and so many others what true community in Christ looks like.

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