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TOP SECRET! Mike Zegarski is turning 40 this coming March 23, 2012! While Mike loves so many friends, a party is a hard way for him to best enjoy the relationships he has invested in over these years. I would like to invite you to participate in a gift I am sure will delight him. I would like to reserve a daily visitor for Mike for over the 40 days following his birthday. He is most engaged and engaging when he is able to hear and be heard in a quieter setting with a few people. I believe he will feel immensely loved and cared for with these more personalized visits than any other gift or party we could dream up. So from far or near, if you are able to sign up for a visit day between March 23 through May 1, please choose a date or a few options that I can confirm with you! An email to me at would be the easiest and quickest for me to reply to! (If you are out of town but would like to participate, reserve a phone call date!)
Visits can be short or long–whatever works for you (and him). Mike is out of bed daily between 5 and 7 pm for sure (if you want to see him out of bed) or you might catch him in bed at other times of the day which is just fine. Visits are harder after 8 pm as he begins getting ready for bed. So plan a time between 9:30 am and 8:00 pm and be a part of his 40 day surprise party! (Feel free to coordinate a visit with a friend or two but not too many at a time!) Feel free to pass this along to invite anyone you believe might be interested to contact me for a visit!
I hope to also capture a minute of video with each visitor saying what Mike has meant to them just so that it can be an encouragement to him to listen to through the years. We will see how successful I am at this part of my plan! (No pressure, I believe the volume will be as compelling as the individual pieces.)
So, THANK YOU for your part in our lives, and shhhh! Don’t tell our plans! May this be a sweet surprise for all of us in showcasing God’s hand in Mike’s life!

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Recent Update Video Posted, MATCHING GIFT CHALLENGE! flood

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