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3/7/11 too fast

oh, it goes by too fast, right? i think that as i realize that i have not stopped to update you all on a seizure mike did have about 2 weeks ago. mike did have a seizure lasting less than 2 minutes when i got home on a friday a couple weeks ago. i was so glad to have been home and able to take him to the ER myself and try to be on point for talking to the hospital staff. we followed up with neurology and will be switching to a new seizure med and weaning off of the old one–again–since the hospital loaded him up with it the night of the seizure. but then i have mixed feelings about the speed of life when i remember we are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of mike’s brain bleed. 5 years of trying to make impossible decisions, raise babies, stretch mike, cope with pain, learn nursing, learn advocating, reach for Jesus, hang in there, remind him that sometimes love looks like this instead of that, face needs, thank, cry, enjoy, frame, and live in the moment we are in. 5 years of adjusting to a new normal that never settles long enough to become normal.
it seems like forever, and then like nothing when i remember what life used to be.
so, five years in…
we are more aware of God’s goodness, providence.
more aware of what endurance looks like, what prayer looks like, what helplessness looks like.
there is much less of us, and much more obviously Him.

my moment to think is going much too fast–school bells ring and kids will be waiting.
wonder what the next 5 years hold. thanks for watching the seasons with us, michelle

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