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tuesday, august 31, 2010

i know more time than i wish always goes by before i get myself to try to formulate an update. first things first, our local newspaper did an article about community support for our family which has been miraculous these past 4 plus years. i think this is a link as of the moment (but i could be wrong!),6_5_NA25_ZEGARSKI_S1-100825.article
second, things are quiet while the kids are snug in their beds and one of our three rotating caregivers is getting mike ready for bed too. eli starts preschool tomorrow and mcKaela is well into her second week of second grade. we are shifting to the school schedule and running into mike around the house a bit more than we were in the summer. we are almost even eating meals in similar time zones (mike eats at 5:30 and we were experiencing more of an 8:00 dinner). and as the weather starts to cool we may even be able to join mike for regular walks outside together again (we were on hiatus during the humid 85-90 degree months).
overall we are doing ok. mike has definitely gotten stronger than i have ever seen him even pushing his hands down on a restaurant table at a family celebration to try to see if he could stand up out of his wheelchair. he did successfully lean his torso forward and put his weight onto his palms. i said no when he asked us to pull his wheelchair from the table to allow him standing room. i don’t know whether he could actually lift his butt from the seat but i was positive he couldn’t maintain balance yet if he did get that far. it is exciting to see him still improving. i am still skeptical about his social/emotional/relational skills. it is difficult to evaluate but i still see a lot of the same behavior that we have been working on with increased intentionality since may. some of these behaviors keep mike’s relationships limited. so that is area is still of major concern to me. i am truly so stunned at how wondrous God has been in covering our needs. i absolutely rest in his continued desire and ability to keep piecing together our family as each day rolls by. thank you for the myriad offers of helpfulness, generosity, and sacrifice. this spot in our lives is by far the place where we have had to cling to God in desperation and found him more than sufficient. thanks for your part in God’s sufficiency for us.
in Christ,

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