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thursday, july 1st 2010

mike came home this past sunday with the help of a rained out baseball team and great friends. it has been a great experience having him stay with friends for a number of varied reasons. it was a significant break for me and for the kids to experience a lot more freedom from being in the house with an afternoon curfew to be with mike. they experienced a lot more availability with me. i experienced a lot more breathing time. and mike experienced a group of voices demanding more of him than he sometimes gets in the habit of settling for. justin and megan were amazing in working on new motivations and goals with mike from social etiquette and accepting when someone says no to creating a more physically challenging daily schedule where he gets in his wheelchair and out of his bedroom twice a day. mike has risen to some challenges, backslid on some progress and mostly showed a good attitude. the toughest part with mike both seemingly at our friends and even this week at home seems to be a good attitude toward goals or boundaries in theory but a difficulty accepting or implementing them in practice.
it surprises me that we can just slide mike right back in at home with little fanfare. i asked mcKaela the other night how she felt about getting her daddy back home and she said it feels like home again with everyone in place. so it is good. we have not resolved every stress. nor would it be reasonable to expect to. i still wonder what the right responses and motivators are for moving mike forward in relationships and interaction with life.
he has been participating in outpatient physical therapy a few times weekly at marianjoy for the past almost 2 months. he had gotten requalified twice during this stint which reflects well on his progress. he has been working a ton on standing and straightening his torso up, lifting his head upright, & balancing while sitting at these therapy sessions and came home today reporting that he had tried a walker and had put some weight into his legs and maybe lifted a leg to take a step. i couldn’t get a clear trustworthy picture of it between mike and don but if not a step then it was a movement in the right direction. so that is worth celebrating.
oh, and he is getting his hole from where they removed his feeding tube surgically closed july 6th. apparently anything that heals on its own for normal people requires a surgery for mike. they will do the least invasive surgery to close it and have one more invasive option if this ends up being unsuccessful. mike wished for the more invasive first off but i guess they like to do things in a certain order. so, though mike and i have become used to needing the maximum, please pray that this week’s surgery is sufficient to close his wound completely.
i am more tired than i deserve to be with these 3 caregivers carrying a lot of the load, but we are each where we are supposed to be. thank God. happy 4th and freedom, michelle

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