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may 6, 2010

hurray! we do have 3 caregivers in place covering different shifts throughout the week and even being able to have days off themselves so it feels like a healthy system for awhile. justin and megan desired to keep mike at their house a little longer to work on some social habits as mike transfers his physical needs into the caregivers hands successfully. that is a complicated way to say that mike and i have gotten used to some bad habits of interacting in the last year that justin and megan have high hopes of adjusting so that it is not the same debilitating communication that we have had for so long. the kids and i keep visiting and we keep trying at having a conversation that does not immediately digress into a demand for physical care (that ultimately the caregivers are there for) or some errand running or my stonewalling instead of a social opportunity. we all have high hopes. it is not always the most rewarding interactions yet between mike and i or even between mike and justin and megan. please pray for insight for him, for wisdom & patience for justin and megan, for i am not quite sure for me! overall mike is still doing great and i am eager for when he is really ready and able to be home. thanks for being on the long road with us and for the encouraging comments and prayers, michelle

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