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mike had a great time skyping in to the annual Mike Zegarski Golf Tournament fundraiser this past Saturday in ohio.  i had missed out on our earlier skype experience with Dayton alumni in june.  it was a great way to connect with family and friends from such a distance.  mike loved seeing everyone and joking and catching up.  we had borrowed the equipment from a friend who went out of his way to set us up and gift us with the opportunity and i am thinking it might be a great thing to buy ourselves and try for holidays and keeping connected to far flung family.  although part of me simply wants to pray that mike gets willing to get out of the comfort zone of his bed and venture to ohio in person.  i believe it would be physically difficult for him but possible and so we are hoping that it will be a flesh and blood appearance by next year!  mike is getting evaluated for a new session of physical and occupational therapy at marianjoy.  it always takes a few weeks to get him his set of appointments together (too long in my opinion).  we will see what they are able to work with in this new season.  always praying for miracles great and small.  thanks for your enduring care for us.  God is good, all the time, michelle z

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