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you are invited…

WorShIp at Zegarski’s SaTuRday, MARCH 21 @ 4pm!  (kids welcome but don’t count on any real oversight!)

it will be 3 years since God pulled mike through his bleeding brain injury.  come praise God for his faithfulness with us!  (and you can even sing an early happy birthday to mike for turning 37 years old on March 23!)


i was dawdling on updating until we got through today’s appointment.  we had gotten a prescription written for an evaluation at the technology center at Rehab Institute of Chicago (RIC).  they don’t have this same resource at marianjoy where we usually get therapy.  i had no idea what to expect and didn’t want to count on anthing but it was in fact pretty exciting in my eyes.  mike was way calmer.  this occupational therapist had mike show the extent he could move arms and fingers and neck and then walked us through various devices he though might be a blessing to mike.  he showed us something called a scan switch which can allow mike to control tv, dvd, lamp or alert chime, or fan or whatever from his bed (the chime is to alert someone in another part of the house if he can’t shout loudly enough for help).  it is like a remote that scans through the objects he might want to control.  he clicks the switch when it gets to his choice–like tv.  then it scans options for tv and he clicks the switch when it gets to his choice like volume up.  he may need one that audibly scans instead of visually with a light simply because the print face might be too small.  but so exciting to see what they COULD be like.  then we checked out computer features that might interest mike–like keyboard stickers that help him see the letters, a narrator feature that speaks the key you press so if he makes a mistake he notices and can backspace and correct.  and the browser-mozilla?  can enlarge font size on internet articles to a degree mike could surf the web and read what he wants.  and he practiced on a tracer ball mouse?  (i am already forgetting the names of things).  everything was very slow as we tried to see what worked for him.  but when we were trying these computer things he didn’t just type his name (albeit very slowly) but he typed out “mike is cool”–technically our appointment ended before we were finished so i typed the “L” to finish mike’s thought.  but wow.  what a day.  so exciting to see possibilities!

mike still struggles with eye sight, focus and double vision and with limited movement in arms.  arms don’t get much higher than chest height.  his legs are able to move very little.  his right hand can slowly open and close but that arm is weaker.  and his left hand gets very stiff and closes against his will.  but he did move one left finger out enough to hit keyboard keys.  happily he is mostly pain free other than occasional stomach cramps related to BMs.

mike is still in speech therapy 3 times weekly at marianjoy and i am not sure when we will have run out of that opportunity.  he almost backed out of one of the days weekly and surrendered after a bit of a long battle with me about motivation and taking advantage of every opportunity as it comes.

mike is still very much counting on prayer and God’s quick deliverance of an absolute miracle.  i am setting my sights on God’s long-term, unending faithfulness to carry us through each day as long as it takes and to surprise us with new possibilities along the way.  at least we both agree that God is the SOURCE of all we desire.  we head back to RIC to play and explore and make decisions in a few weeks.  praise God with us for all he has done, is doing, will do, michelle and mike!

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