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8/19/08 yay!

so…a lovely few days.  mike is sometimes reticent to enjoy outings.  he doesn’t always articulate a reason and i wonder whether sometimes he just feels too much risk in leaving the house for an unknown, even compelling experience.  but we went to a friend’s barbeque friday night and mike stayed at least 45 minutes longer than i expected.  our whole outing stretched to 3 hours with no complaints.  he just said he had a great time, no sore butt.  then we were privileged to attend the wedding of a Young Life family and delight in memories and company and a beautiful celebration and service.  and again, mike lasted much longer than i had anticipated.  AND we got the stander delivered monday.  so hip hip hooray!  this will address any turning of his feet as he puts weight back on those tendons for up to 45 minutes a day in this gorgeous monstrosity.  he is feisty and very much himself.  and it is so good to see him enjoying a great party lately.  thanks for your faithfulness in this long haul, michelle

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monday august 11 2008

my wyldlife camp was great and our kids enjoyed my family while mike enjoyed his.  they did have to get some antibiotics for him for a toe infection while i was gone and i am not sure we have seen the last of our toe issues but everything went well.  we are still eagerly awaiting a contraption called a stander which would allow mike to stand upright when in the machine to put that weight back on his feet which is so critical for so much of his body.  insurance and hospitals and everyone in between give a thousand reasons why things take so unreasonably long.  all i care about is what we can do to get the stander here.  pray for its delivery.  mike goes back and forth with his perspective.  one day he enjoys with people and family and the next he wishes to die, honestly.  i wouldn’t say he is depressed, just haphazardly discouraged by the slowness of his progress.  he always has lacked an appreciation for less than perfect.  and he finds the blessings i am amazed by–like his speech improvement and his 2 hour chair endurance–to be inadequate.  simultaneously he will tell you he feels closer to God than ever.  so always perspective is a slippery grip.

we have enjoyed a few home worship nights with friends this summer and our last one last friday was a great finale in my eyes.  mckaela and eli often play with toys sometimes interrupting us as we worship most nights.  but friday eli became enamoured (sp?) with the guitar and waited out worship in the room for a chance for a lesson afterward. so i sat next to mike on the bed and eli found a spot on my lap as we sang.  and finally mckaela climbed on to snuggle in with us.  the best part was our not significantly musically gifted family of four singing all together.  mike was putting his 2 cents in, mckaela would join in on phrases and eli would throw a moaning, erratic “Jeeesuus” in every once in a while.  it was the most hideous, hilarious joyful noise unto the Lord i have ever heard.  so goes life–hideous, hilarious, joyful–offered to the Lord who loves to hear.  amen, michelle

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