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so mike has finished his round of outpatient therapy and we are mostly scheduleless?? again.  not a good or bad thing–just a new stage.  our normal caregiver don is back doing the stretches and ideas he has learned at marianjoy alongside mike.  we will also post a few easy exercises any visitors can run through with mike to add on extra opportunities.  mike is feeling fine and mostly in a good mood.  he does very much enjoy visitors so do consider stopping by if you have put it off before.  he CAN speak so well and even better with a little bossy encouragement to be louder.  we will try to schedule another worship night this month so stay posted for news.  thanks and praise, michelle

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  • 1. Sarah Nixdorf  |  June 4, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Yaay for u, the Z family. Glad Mike is doing better, Keep at it.
    As Pastor Wurmbrand (long,long time friend of mine) said ‘DON”T GIVE UP. Keep on telling the stories,if U don’t,who will.’ Keep at it Michell and kids, rejoice that your Dad made it this far, rejoice that he is alive, and keep on believing that ‘and he will be well.’

    ‘Thus He was following Jairus to his house, when two messangers brought forth the news that his daughter was dead,They said: ‘Why come here, do you now know your daughter has died, don’t bother the Master no more.’ ‘But He said’Don’t be upset, don’t be afraid, Keep Believing and she shall be well.’ ‘So they went unto the house door, already the wailers and mourning had started, and much music. But He took His three best friends with Him,along with the girl’s parents, and He said to her that was on the bed ‘Little girl,rise.’ ‘And she got up and He had given order to give her a meal.’ ‘So after this,they were instructed not to tell no one.’- Luke Chap.8

    ‘And there was a certain commander who came up to Jesus and said ‘My servant has fallen ill with fever, please come and heal him. And Jesus seeing thus said’ Go on home, there you will find the servant well.’ So the commander did so and he found the servant well.’-Gospel

    ‘So Moses said unto God saying’ Would You now smite mine sister with the leperous disease, I beg You heal her.’ So Mariam
    was put out of the tents for seven days, then she was made clean again.-Torah

    ‘God said to Moses’ Behold these are a stiff-necked people, because they argued over you and the commands I gave unto you, I will make them suffer, so He sent unto the camp of Isreal
    snakes, after a couple of them died, they said to Moses’ Who is going to free us from the snakes. God told Moses to make a bronze serpent, and those who looked upon it were healed,those who didn’t died.’ – Torah

    I’ve had some of my share of injury, head injury-August 2007,
    had to lie on the sofa with a cold cloth, not much fun. Took me 6 months to grab it (math) altogether. And math is not my best subject, people have their differences. But, I would not be writing this to you had the Healer not intervened and saved me from worse. I’m saying that if I can survive something so little,
    I can survive whatever they throw at me.

  • 2. Matt Koupal  |  June 6, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Hey Michelle-

    Great to see you and Mike last night. He took me by surprise when he was talking about the depressed housing prices. I’m just not used to him being so conversant and up to speed on world events. And his old evangelistic heart showed through when he encouraged me to take Luke to the Young Life meeting tonight for special needs (we are going BTW). Both eyes tracking, good voice, improved arm strength (both arms-praise God!), alert mind, sense of humor (joking about “encouragement” to keep working hard) – what a miracle. No golf or Caribou yet, but even those things seem so reachable now!

    God bless and thanks for letting us bring my rather rowdy son and smelly dog into your house to visit!

    In Him,


  • 3. Kim Schutter  |  June 7, 2008 at 7:46 am

    Mike and Michelle,
    It has been awhile since we checked in. I am amazed as I have scrolled back through the last few months to see all of the strides forward that Mike has made. Praise God!!!!. We continue to lift you up. May God meet your every need. May he give you both much patience beyond your own. May you be able to see and celebrate the small steps forward. May God’s presence be so real to both of you. And may God surround you with people to be the tangible hands of Jesus to you.

    With great affection,
    Kim and Dave

  • 4. J Zegarski  |  June 9, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    Yesterday evening we returned from a brief but oh so encouraging trip to Naperville. Mike and Michelle as always strong in their faith in action. McKaela and Eli bouncing about enjoying everything a two and four old should. And Mike’s dad and myself so excited to see Mike becoming stronger and more determined to work, work, work. We witnessed leg raises and arm raises as well as muscle strengthening. We are praising our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for such continuing blessings. We are thanking YOU for your many many prayers for the Z’s (M & M & M & E). I personally am convinced our Father in Heaven is hearing your prayers for Mike’s recovery and He is sending his blessings abundantly

    Mike did ask me to pray specifically for his vision to be restored as well as his voice to be stronger and louder. He said this speaking with volume is difficult at best. So, here I am again asking for your request to Father God and His Divine Son and knowing full well that you, as always, will comply.

    We are all so very grateful for you. I do not know most of you personally, but please know that you have and are being lifted in prayer every night that you families will remain healthy, free from harm, and have safe travel.

    Mike’s mom and dad, (Fred and Jill Z )

  • 5. Janice Rubin  |  June 10, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Fred and Jill,
    I love reading specific prayers from a loving mom and dad.
    Thanks for your insights on praying for improved vision and a stronger voice!
    We all love your son,

  • 6. The Naffzigers  |  June 10, 2008 at 10:24 am

    We miss you, Zegarskis! We are so happy & encouraged to hear how Mike is making progress all the time. We never stop praying & praising with you. Thank you for the example you are. Your faith spurs us on to seek Christ more in our own lives.
    The Naffzigers

  • 7. Heather Schmidt  |  June 12, 2008 at 7:57 am

    Hey Z’s!

    Seems odd I haven’t been over this week. Next week hopefully. I hope you are all doing well. Mike you are doing great! Keep working hard! I know you can do it! Don’t give up!

    We will continue to pray for all of you. May God grant you strength, peace and patience to endure each day. God Bless!

    Love and prayers,

  • 8. Mike Heenan  |  June 13, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Mike and family. I continue to pray for your full recovery and continued strength for the family

  • 9. Barbara Gobrail  |  June 18, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    Last evening, my son, Jim was reviewing a voicemail from a friend, Mike Lehner. There was joy evident in his voice when he later spoke with Mike about an “incredible phone call” that Mike had just received! We both guessed (correctly) that it was from Z! It was great to see how animated Jim became while receiving the news of Z’s progress! It was a real “ah-ha!” moment! Give Z a hug from all of us!

  • 10. Peggy Lehner  |  June 23, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Mike Lehners phone call from “Z” has been a source of great celebratiion among all of his friends here in Dayton. As Mike Lehners mom i was among the first to hear about that 1/2 hour plus conversation….and i mean a real conversation the two Mikes enjoyed together last week. Mike grilled him on the details of the golf outing being planned this fall….right down to the smallest details, talked about kids and family, reminisced about Alter Young Life days etc etc. It was a fantastic treat to hear our Michael describe how great “Z” sounded. Thank Michelle for dialing the phone!!!


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