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had our post surgical checkup on mike’s ankles today. nothing new nothing bad. and he is scheduled to get the casts taken off on monday, march 24. so we will be excited to celebrate!

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mike wakes me around 5 am for a pain pill most mornings (for the ankle pain he still experiences). i am not really talkative at that hour generally and he is usually quiet from dry mouth and inaction. so it was all the more striking when mike shared a few sentences aloud. he said, “praise God, he is so good, he is so wonderful.” it was such unexpected fun at such an unexpected hour. at other times during the day he is struck more by the frustration of waiting for healing and progress and asks me to pray with him for these things. so I will keep that outburst of worship tucked in my head. it is also so great to hear so many sentences pushed out by sheer will without having that open trach hole covered with a hand. But most of the time days go by with a lot of monotonous tv watching and a few faithful visitors a week. mike has also described feeling trapped by this seemingly neverending waiting and marking the hours by reruns. He is not down or depressed but it is a discipline to remain grateful for each moment given. Thanks for such faithful prayer and unexpected graces,

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mike has actually been doing ok with pain since surgery. he still requires the drugs but he says it’s not bad now. one week down, 5 to go till standing duty. the kids are enjoying the canvas of the casts–one for each of them. and mike enjoys their attention. his trach hole has not fully closed but still gets slowly smaller all the time. his dr said that if necessary it is possible to surgically close holes that do not do so naturally but he would wait a few months for that option. i don’t think it will take that long since it is still making progress. so nothing to complain about. lots to praise. thanks for joining us in all kinds of weather, michelle
(oh, and there is a food link up by the categories for photos and home and all that for those interested and local!)

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We did make it through a long day at the hospital and another snowstorm. Everything went fine and mike will get the casts off his ankles in 6 weeks. He is in a lot of pain right now which we are trying to maneuver around with drug combinations. We are trying to keep his mind on the redemptive aspect of this pain- that it is a sign of a grand new step toward some mobility. Pain will be an inevitable companion to stretching and utilizing muscles that have been dormant. I am trying to remember that all growth has that uncomfortable stretching aspect—physical and spiritual. And in a sense—no pain should be the warning sign that we are not growing. Now it is just living out the truth.
Thanks and praise, michelle

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surgery on mike’s achilles tendon and something referred to as a splat procedure are at 3:20 tomorrow. we will spend half the day there and get back late evening. i will update how everything is going when i have a chance but remember–no news is good news–it just means i got the kids back postsurgery and haven’t gotten computer time. so we are presuming a smooth day tomorrow. we are headed to elmhurst hospital continuing our tour of suburban facilities–this makes 6 on my count. again, he should be casted on both ankles for 6 weeks and get a rehab recommendation somewhere toward the end of that casting time. then we are on to praticing standing and balance.
i noticed looking back that sometimes God gets no mention. that has nothing to do with his presence and providence. it is just hard to summarize the infinite for updates. know that he remains always gracious, abundant, forgiving, convicting, patient, loving, stretching. he is everything to us. he is why i fear no day. surgery isn’t scary when you know the God of the universe and he has already shown you how he carries you. mike and i will see where else God takes us. thanks for your faithfulness before us, michelle

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