late 1/25/08

January 26, 2008 at 12:25 am 2 comments

i get so bogged down with dealing with necessities everything else seems expendable–like updates. mike’s trach is slowly healing. it is supposed to take about 2 weeks of bandaging before it closes itself up. until then it is this open hole which air can pass out of so he cannot vocalize (speak aloud) unless someone covers his neck with their hand. this seals the air inside so it can push up further in his throat past the vocal chords (sp?). he is speaking loud and clear when someone does this though i surmise it is not within everyone’s comfort level to do so because it is literally very hands-on. he also is “enjoying” a series of hospital appointments hanging out in the nuclear medicine maze as they watch this radioactive isotope they have stuck in him travel through the path of his shunt. this procedure was in response to some swelling in his brain noticed on a CT scan from the thanksgiving hospital stay. we have had 3 visits there this week and 2 more next week. we are also heading in for our consult with the orthopedic guy next week to talk about tendons and foot drop surgery and another checkup for the baclofen pump on another day. in fact, thursday is our only doctor-free day (not that we don’t appreciate our doctors–our saintly general practitioner came to the house last week to check if mike had pink eye for me just so i wouldn’t have to squeeze in an extra appointment at another office. turns out no pink eye, just sleeping with his eye open turning it red). i am constantly amazed how well our kids adjust from babysitter to babysitter, schedule to schedule, chaos to chaos. they go with the flow when i stumble, trip and curse at whoever is getting in my way. so all is good yet tiring, even without any real drama. pray for my grace, michelle


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1/16 evening 1/26/08

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  • 1. summer  |  January 26, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    Hello friend, I wanted you to know that your video at All Staff was amazing…so many people were moved by your story….a story of love, hope and redemption for thousands of people to witness.
    Please tell mike that God continues to use him to impact people for Christ, that he continues to be an amazingly talented speaker. Tell him that I look forward to hearing him share more of his heart and his story where Christ is so undeniably evident and that I can’t wait for the assignment where he will be the speaker, Julie will do music and Brent and Dan will do program. I love and miss you all so much! :)sum

  • 2. matt and eli  |  January 26, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    We miss you guys. It is such great news that the trach is out. We are continuing to pray for renewed strength and healing in this time. That all these doctors visits will conitnue to provide Mike with what he needs. So amazing to see how far you have come. We are so thankful for you guys and your testimony. It gives us life. We hope to see you sometime soon.

    Oh how do we get a copy of that video?

    Matt, eli, and Emma


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