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well, chistmas was lovely and we are back into the mix of doctors appointments etc. mike has a bit of bug that he has endured for a few weeks. he is not suffering through it or anything but he still had to get the meds to clear it up so some prayer in that department is helpful. also he is following up on some CT scans and having a checkup on his head shunt and needs to get a “flow study” done in the hospital some day soon. it seems precautionary but it is never a bad thing to get people to pray that these mundane things stay as mundane as possible–no complications. other than that, we are amused at how mckaela can keep track of the names of, oh, i don’t know, 43 different new horses that she relays on a slow meandering trail around our house. and eli keeps me busy guessing whether he was really ready to potty train or just playing with me. he is fickle. mike endures the chaos. he said he liked the noise we brought back to the house following our disney trip. incidentally, disney with family was wonderful and mike had a worship night with friends while we were gone and so i had something to be jealous of as well. now we are just enjoying home together. thanks, and peace, and rest, michelle

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we have already enjoyed everything i want on Christmas. yesterday i asked mckaela how the christmas story started–who did it start with– when we were playing with one of her nativity sets. i handed her mary and she began the story. she chose the angel and told me how the angel came to mary to share news of great joy that she would have a baby who would be the king forever. i loved her four year old retelling of the story, piece by piece grabbing each toy figurine for its part. we happened to have lost the wise men’s gifts which came with the set so she brought a horse (one of our many if you know mckaela) from the toy room to use as the wise men’s gift.
it was such a pleasant focusing opportunity for me. this morning i woke to take care of mike first and she eventually woke and wandered the house to find me. we ate breakfast together without the hurry of an agenda. mike’s mom came downstairs next and asked mckaela if santa had come. mckaela had no idea he had visited last night because she had never bothered to check. so she said he had not come and she didn’t know when he was coming. no hurry. no rush. just enjoying the moment of family together. presents from last night and today’s bounty never even crossed her mind. so christmas has come without all the bustle. and it is sweet. eli has finally “got out bed” as he is telling me. so we will go downstairs and see what santa has indeed left. i look forward to one more thing. sitting in mike’s room under the tree when they attack the box that santa left that holds one of our old baby dolls, wrapped in a blanket…a reminder of the supreme gift. a reminder to unwrap the gift every day, the savior, God with us.

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too early 12/14/07

we had a rushed day. but we had an unusual chance to sit with an old friend and recount some memories and some lessons from the past 2 years. it always strikes me how close to the surface mike’s feelings are. and it strikes me what will hit him hard. it reminds me of his passions to see what makes him weep. but he was a champ sitting in his chair for four hours and not even driving me crazy with complaints on the way home. special prayer this week as i head to disneyworld with my side of the family. mike will have april and annie to hang out with (who have been with him when i have been out of town before). but i know he misses us when we leave even when he has the best entertainers in the world. pray that it would be a fast and smooth week for him. thanks, michelle

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