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11/27/07 4:15 pm

it IS easy to forget God’s goodness when the moment you are in doesn’t live up to your desires. But God has been good and faithful and shown us that he reigns even where we did not expect. Mike has come much further than anyone with an educated guess could have predicted. it is so frustrating to still have to experience the insecurity that comes with mike’s frailties, setbacks, unknowns. but it’s frustrating because yet again, we struggle with not being god ourselves and securing ourselves according to our own designs. if i believe God is truly the God of unfailing love, then i should find peace in his providences, in whatever shape and time they come. not to say i always find peace, but i can always say, God, help me in my unbelief. and then sit back and await the unveiling of his glory… which i see in every meal, every nurse who welcomes us like family, every doctor that takes our victories as their own, every friend who prays and encourages and perseveres over the long haul with us in this lingering season of our lives. please pray that mike shares in the value of each small victory–like leaving the hospital without regressing. thanks and joy, michelle

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