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I was just watching 10 minutes of the movie John Q where they tell this couple their child will soon die as his heart gives out & they cannot do surgery without paying in cash. I was sick as I finally realized how gargantuan maxing out on your million dollar insurance policy is. How insane to have been gifted with the means to pay each bill and not worry about our next meal (it’ll just show up on our porch, right?). How even in my deepest gratitude, I can never fully fathom the depths of God’s grace as he continues to care for us, calm us, challenge and lead us. How he has shown us his face in an army of prayer warriors who battle on even more than a year and a half later. I don’t know. Just hard to imagine facing this struggle and then not getting the very care your life depends on as the characters in that movie. it just highlights the magnitude of our blessings.
Anyhow, mike has had 2 checkups on the baclofen pump in his belly/spine. Like I said, he has no pain and he is visibly looser in his muscles but his stiffer leg while not hyperextended, still sticks out. Each appt they have increased the dosage 20%. The marianjoy doctor said that we will continue increasing 20% a week until mike’s leg is sitting where he wants it. He said that could hopefully be finished by Christmas. It is longer than I had hoped but it is hard to gripe about waiting when you have seen such miracles.
When the baclofen dosage is deciphered, we will look into tendon releases which is a surgery they would use to lengthen? taut tendons. I might be off in my understanding since it is still a distance away from now. But that might be next in the list of goals and then, maybe, we will get a crack back at marianjoy. But I could finagle no guarantees or even predictions from the doctor. So meanwhile we will simply do our best at home. Pray for mike’s perseverance, his vision, his purpose. Keep praying for grace for me. I think it might even work when you pray because I have felt overall better/nicer lately. Just thought I would let you know!
Thanks and praise, michelle

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