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10/9/07 11:45 pm

i got confirmation just this evening that mike is scheduled for surgery to insert his baclofen pump on thursday, october 18. they said it will be an ovenight stay at allexian in elk grove village. then he will be home with a month of dose adjustments to follow. we are both eager. other news… everything i have heard about the golf outing for the mike zegarski foundation on September 30 proclaims it was an enormous enjoyable success. and mike got to go to church with us this past sunday for the first time since march 2006. he was as comfortable as he gets through the service and lit up with a smile when the pastor singled him out, teasing him for being lax on attending lately. one debilitating frustration lately–mike is intent on getting things to ingest and i am begging him to focus on exercising his tongue from side to side or back and forth to improve his control of substances in his mouth. he is angry he can’t do the exercises and be rewarded with something to drink within the same day. he has a long way to go before it would be safe to give him anything to ingest. my patience with his irrational requests is wearing thin and i want him to simply stop begging and start working. i have asked him to see where a month of hard work gets him–maybe he would even pass a swallow test if he commits to practicing wholeheartedly. he finds a month of work beyond reasonable and i find such a short range perspective from him unreasonable. so our conversations are strained but thank God we do still enjoy our episodes of 24 together. in need of patience and grace, michelle

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