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9/25/07 6 pm

eli is hovering behind me so i will have to be faster than he can usurp the computer. our appointment today was pretty uneventful. It was just a formality for the baclofen pump surgeon to meet mike and get a medical history and now we are waiting for the Allexian hospital to call us back to schedule the baclofen trial day. on that day they will shoot the drug right into mike’s spine and we will spend 8 hours seeing how well his body responds to the drug. provided all goes well on the trial day and the drug yields desired results, then they will schedule a surgery day for inserting the pump permanently. so we are one step closer to a hopeful new state of affairs for mike. but it has been an encouraging 24 hours. we were able to go to young life leadership last night and enjoy great worship, bible study and fellowship as a family. such an inexplicable and long familiar pleasure to relive. and mike has been a champ about being in the wheelchair for a few hours at a time last night and today (not feasible just a few months ago). the world is opening up slowly before us.
thanks for continued prayers from friends, aquaintances and strangers. it is such an odd and grace filled experience to continue to meet people in parks, waiting rooms and stores who have been praying for our family so faithfully. to say my name and see the surprise on their faces as they share how they have prayed without ever knowing us. God is SO big. and definitely know that the encouragement you all share in comments here means so much to us even though my intentions to respond rarely make it to reality. all is still grace, michelle z

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