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9/25/07 6 pm

eli is hovering behind me so i will have to be faster than he can usurp the computer. our appointment today was pretty uneventful. It was just a formality for the baclofen pump surgeon to meet mike and get a medical history and now we are waiting for the Allexian hospital to call us back to schedule the baclofen trial day. on that day they will shoot the drug right into mike’s spine and we will spend 8 hours seeing how well his body responds to the drug. provided all goes well on the trial day and the drug yields desired results, then they will schedule a surgery day for inserting the pump permanently. so we are one step closer to a hopeful new state of affairs for mike. but it has been an encouraging 24 hours. we were able to go to young life leadership last night and enjoy great worship, bible study and fellowship as a family. such an inexplicable and long familiar pleasure to relive. and mike has been a champ about being in the wheelchair for a few hours at a time last night and today (not feasible just a few months ago). the world is opening up slowly before us.
thanks for continued prayers from friends, aquaintances and strangers. it is such an odd and grace filled experience to continue to meet people in parks, waiting rooms and stores who have been praying for our family so faithfully. to say my name and see the surprise on their faces as they share how they have prayed without ever knowing us. God is SO big. and definitely know that the encouragement you all share in comments here means so much to us even though my intentions to respond rarely make it to reality. all is still grace, michelle z

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9/14/07 3 pm

we have had an exciting week. i was saving it a bit as a surprise for family but it’s more fun to tell–we have a new minivan that is able to transport mike. we had a great friend looking out for us that put us in contact with an incredibly gracious woman who was ready to part with her handicapped minivan. She had been able to continue transporting her husband to church and Bible studies during his battle with ALS. It was such a privilege to meet her and be blessed by her advice and experience and perspective. and we have been out joyriding every night this week since getting it! Mike got to drive by our old haunts (NCHS and asundry YL offices of years past), watch the kids playing all over the park at the riverwalk, and we even visited the willow treed setting of our wedding 9 years ago on our anniversary yesterday. pain comes and goes (so mike prefers our trips to stay on the shorter side), we have our information consult about surgery on september 25 and the Ohio golf tournament is happening september 29! the joyrides will pass the time till all that! praise and glory, michelle

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9/10/07 2007 Golf Outing

We are looking forward to hosting the 2nd Annual Mike “Z” Zegarski Golf Outing on Saturday, September 29th. Again, the outing will be at Walden Ponds Golf Club in Hamilton, Ohio. We hope that everyone who was able to participate last year can join us again this year, and, of course, newcomers are welcome too!

This year, contributions will be tax-deductible as donations to a 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation — “The Mike “Z” Zegarski Foundation”.

Please help us to exceed the wonderful success of last year’s outing. Above is a link to a brochure which can be printed and shared. To the right is a link for online registration.

This year we’re also having a pre-golf get together at “The Back Porch Saloon” in Springdale, OH on Friday night, Sept.28th, starting at 7:30 PM. We’ll be supplying appetizers…beer and wine will be available from the cash bar. Directions can be found on their website at

Golf Scramble Schedule:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lunch / Check-in / Range Available from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Shotgun start promptly at 1:30 pm

Ribs and Chicken Dinner Afterwards.


Walden Ponds Golf Club, Hamilton, OH

Register Online:


Please contact Marcus Colosimo 585.314.7467 or Mike Lehner 937.901.9012

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

— The Mike “Z” Zegarski Foundation

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9/8/07 about 5 pm

mike is pretty much holding steady. some irregular pain every day. we are kind of just waiting for a september 25th consult appt with a doctor for the baclofen pump surgery. they will schedule surgery following the consult. mike is sharper than ever with his occasional comments and flashcards and wit. visitors always welcome.
my other thoughts…
I know I am oddly lucky in being provided regular measures of the summary of my life. I keep a box of encouraging notes that I can use as necessary during darker times. I got a couple recent additions this past month that have been sitting on my dresser waiting to find their spot in the box. I like that I left them out because I can reread them and be hit just as hard by the miracle of my life. The letter writers encouraged me, thanked me for my part in their lives. Every time I look at the words I cry again because it makes no sense. Even before mike’s hospitalization I was feeling spent, worn, used up in life. I felt like my life had less and less to offer as the days went by. mike’s sickness certainly drew sympathy but it only added to my sense of feeling stuck in a very appropriately self-absorbed chapter in life. Our every day was too full of responsibilities between mike and the kids, every single thing just seemed like it never received enough from me. Yet somehow God took my life from me and gave it away. I guess I am seeing that I have felt spent because I was spent. I am so overjoyed to read reminders that I have been well-spent. When I measure the summary of my life I want to see it well-spent on loving others for Christ. When I feel like a failure I want to realize that it has never been about me. I am not a sum of my parts. Because “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live but Christ lives in me”, my life amounts to much more than I would have guessed. I have failed in patience, in love, in responsibility, in worth. I have failed mike, our kids, family, ministry. Yet, he has made more than I have given. He has made it more than enough. He has made me more than enough. And I am still shocked and surprised that he would condescend to use such a jar of clay. With thanks, michelle

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