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8/15/07 2:45 pm

just got back from mike’s Dr visit at marianjoy rehab hospital. the dr recommended mike get a baclofen pump inserted in his gut. i was sent home with a folder full of info which i am sure will educate me so that we can move forward. the pump is meant to decrease mike’s muscle tone and spasms. this would allow him more control of his musles in order to make more physical gains. it ideally would also help wih his pain which is all seemingly muscle related. it would mean a surgery and a month more or so to adjust the pump’s dosage to mike’s needs before being reevaluated for therapy again. but i feel excited about this potential new step leading to more significant progress. in our time after the appointment we meandered over to mike’s old digs at the hospital and were lucky enough to see his old therapists. i cannot actually describe how it feels to be in a crowd of people interested, concerned, and eager for mike in the way they were. we are all looking forward to getting him back into their encompassing care. i am so thankful again for the people God has placed around mike who have cared for him with such immense compassion and enthusiasm. i praise him for how he never lets us out of his own perfect providence. i must say i wish mike had been more talkative for them but we are both pretty wiped from a long week. anyhow, more details of new developments will be coming in time. pray for this pump, for our wisdom, for the future. thanks, michelle

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