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August 9, 2007 at 4:26 pm 4 comments

i am afraid if i wait to write something with focus and quality i will never get to it. so here is the best i have while the kids nap and mike watches some new dvds of the show “24”. camp was amazing for me. it was such a joy to be exhausted with junior high kids, to chat with leaders, to praise God for the wondrous way he works in us. i have brought a nursing baby or been pregnant for the last 4 years of trips and it was a true pleasure to go with God alone and leave everyone else in capable hands. my family had our kids who apparently didn’t even miss us. when asked mckaela answered that she didn’t miss us “because God was watching over us… just like God was watching over her”. and mike was great at home with his parents who reported that they thought he worked hard in my absence. he is scheduled to head to marianjoy rehab hospital for an evaluation appointment on August 15. i personally hope he gets inpatient therapy where they can check his trach status (maybe removal), his eyesight (new glasses needed?), his speech, physical, and occupational therapy needs, any wheelchair adjustments, and any and everything else. but i do trust that God has faithfully worked in mike in his good time and will continue to do so, so i will wait and see what transpires. mike is still experiencing pain, mostly in small doses every day and then will have 2-3 hard days every few weeks. but he is hanging in there, healthy, enjoying whoever he gets to see stopping by our house, both our regulars and those out of the blue surprises (this means you, tracy, eric, clay and chris!). I love seeing the smile pull his mouth up when he gets such surprises. he is no less fed by the worship we continue to have wednesdays at 7 at our house. i don’t know whether it will continue past august so i will determine to relish these last few weeks in case they are our last. i will be honest that i do get frustrated that more people don’t determine themselves to make it out to a worship when they are in town. a very small faithful group have kept this alive for mike these past 2 months and have shared in the blessing that is this simple gathering of singing. i have heard from more than one person that it is emotionally hard for a number of reasons to make it out to visit mike. and the awkwardness of a visit is made worse by feeling guilty too. i completely understand that but i do not understand allowing all that to actually excuse someone from catching up with mike every few months. i don’t think the whole world must come visit mike but i guess i would say that if you or someone you know is someone that mike would on occasion make a point of catching up with over coffee back when he was healthy, then ask when was the last time you made it a point to catch up with him? please understand that we really miss some of our friends. let the devil take back his weapons of guilt and just come on over sometime, maybe even on one of these last few wednesday nights. i pray that those visits are as lifegiving to others as they are to mike and i.
gotta go, responsibilities call, michelle

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  • 1. Matt Koupal  |  August 11, 2007 at 10:25 am

    Hey Z’s:

    I want you to know I have prayed for you and been incredibly encouraged by you for the last few weeks as I have struggles with Guillian-Barre syndrome. Apparently, this rare sydrome strikes suddenly and randomly after a bout with flu, stomach flu in particular. So after my barfing session in late July, my immune system went wild, attacking the myelin sheath covering of all my nerves. I thought my back was thrown out, but the pain spread to my hands, feet and everywhere else. I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, developed tremors and severe muscle weakness to the point I’d fall on my keester on a regular basis. My diagnosis was slow in coming, so I had a lot of lonely and painful time to pray and reflect on Mike’s situation, and the faithful way you;’ve handled it. I’ve turned the corner and am on the mend now though I can only walk about a block or two, and then with a cane. But I should have full recovery over the next months and should not relapse, if my neurologist is correct.

    I’ve learned two major lessons during thistime. First, how to find peace and joy in the midst of suffering – things you’ve written about many times. And second, humility. I’ve ;learned to humbly receive so many acts of kindness from strangers and friends alike, most importantly a deluge of prayer. So Guillian-Barre Syndrome has been a blessing in a weird God-sort-of way. I’m sure you guys know what I mean. I wouldn’t have chosen it but God has redeemed it as only He could.

    See you on Wednesday nights-our choir is off for August and there’s nothing I’d love more than to sing God’s praises with you. If you don’t mind me bringing Hugh, my cane (short for humility) for a little added support.

    In Him alone I trust as never before,


  • 2. Barbara Gobrail  |  August 12, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    The God of many surprises is always asking us to step out of the boat, to go beyond our comfort zone! I only wish that we lived closer to you so that visiting face to face were possible.

    Mak and I really missed camp this summer. For over ten years, we have been volunteer physicians at Lake Champion. Last summer we went twice and as we left, I said good-bye – that week is such a joy, service and it would enthuse me for the coming year. Between the first and the second visit last summer, Mak was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Since then, God has continued to bless us and he continues to do well, continuing to work. We thought we might return this summer. In June, we decided that this was impossible, not because of Mak’s health, but I have developed rheumatoid arthritis and would be unable to walk all the distances needed at camp. So you have been a special way in my prayers while you were at camp! I miss the enthusiam of the volunteer leaders, watching them move through the various activities with the campers. Watching would renew my faith and give me courage! I still remember McKaela’s explanation: We all have resurrection power! It has become my mantra for the rest of the year!

    God bless you and Mike and the kids!

    Barbara Gobrail

  • 3. Emily  |  August 13, 2007 at 12:12 am

    It is midnight as I write…I am sure that you are up trying to find some quiet for yourelf in the day. Praying for all of you co ntinues to remind me of the blessing in the NOW…Now in this moment is all that we have, and when we look behind us or ahead of us we rob ourselves I can ony imagine how you have lived in the moments of grace that you inevitably seem to find, and your courage ENcourages me to embrace the present. I am thankful that you got to change your pace and throw yourself into the junior high kids for a few days.

    Still praying for the slow but seemingly steady progress. Love to all.


  • 4. J Zegarski  |  August 14, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Tomorrow it will be one week since we had the pleasure of being with Mike while Michelle was with the wild like bunch at camp. He is such a blessing to our entire family. As we travel back and forth from Ohio, we are reminded of the numerous times he makes us laugh with his remarkable personality.

    So many of our friends and family and Mike and Michelle’s friends and neighbors ask us “what can we do for Mike and Michelle. what do they need”? Well, the most immediate need that they have is prayer and visitors. Prayer for Mike to be free from pain which will enable him to participate in therapy to the best he can. We have seen a remarkable difference in how eagerly he works when he is free from pain and how he struggles when he is having muscle cramps and pain. Fortunately, Michelle has indicated that the intense pain lasts but a couple of days in a few weeks. God’s blessing!! So please please make that a focal point of your prayer and thank you so very much.

    As for visiting Mike, this is vital for his well being. Mike LOVES for people to visit with him. He lights up as soon as he knows someone is coming to see him. His spirit is boosted, his energy level goes up, he is engaging. It doesn’t matter when you come, just please come. This will give him the boost he needs to work harder each day. The gift of your time is priceless.

    We thank you so very much for all you have done and are doing for Mike and Michell, McKaela, and Eli. If you all were flowers, our garden would go on forever. Love and blessings to you. I pray for all of you each and every day that your families will be blessed.

    Jill (Mike’s Mom)


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