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7/ 25/07 11:30 pm

i know i have not posted–my internet has been down and i can’t exactly easily leave the house to find internet access elsewhere. i am glad dan was able to update. it is certainly hard to summarize mike’s progress. My dad describes it as millimeter by millimeter and i say Amen! we love even the tiniest progress because it is still progress. but it is hard to put any of it in a way for others to relate to if they do not see mike regularly. getting mike to consistently speak aloud rather than settling into a whisper is an amazing day. people ask me about walking but in our lives that has nothing to do with today’s goals. today’s goals are practice practice practice– stretching, reaching, projecting words, enunciating, swallowing. mike has been trying a bit more which gets him off my blacklist. and he is still charming and joking just often enough to remind you it is still mike before you, sideburns and all. his mood fluctuates in a reasonable way. some days he is sad and a bit despairing, but usually he is easygoing and sane. i am tired and wish to sleep. i am going to wyld life camp with kids Aug 3-7. mike’s parents will stay with him then with a friend again administering medicine. pray for a smooth trip full of God’s providences for kids and our family.
thankfully, michelle

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7/22/07 11:30 pm Weekend visit with Mike

I had the chance to visit Mike this weekend. He seemed to be in good spirits. He was also very alert and in very little discomfort (from arm cramps) while I was there.

Mike’s range of motion appears to be improving, along with his upper body strength. Don continues to stretch him daily, and Mike continues the exercises he was doing in connection with physical and occupational therapy. It is really an unspeakable blessing that he can continue to push himself in these areas. (I truly cannot put into words here how thankful I was to see it.)

Sunday morning, I could hear Don leading Mike through some speech exercises, practicing certain sounds, etc. I have to say I was impressed by Mike’s volume and clarity. Although his speech is not always understandable, it is improving. I find myself often able to understand him now, frequently without asking him to repeat himself, whereas even a few months ago I felt helpless to understand much of what he would say. Please pray that Mike can be relieved of the trach soon. I have to believe that he will be able to make a huge leap forward in his speech after it is removed.

Speaking of prayer, I would like to ask that everyone renew their prayer requests for Mike, in your churches, Bible studies, and prayer groups/chains. I am sure that Mike is not far from the thoughts and prayers of any of us who know him and who watch this site for news. I just felt prompted to encourage renewed and fervent prayer for him, and Michelle. I doubt very much that even one in 100,000 people could very accurately imagine what Mike is going through, nor begin to realize the frustration and demand for patient faith that confront him every hour of the day. (I know that I couldn’t.) A year and four months after Mike’s injury, his recovery is still in its earliest stages, and the need for prayer is as real as ever.

Thank you for continuing to be there for him and Michelle. And, as always, if you are in the area, and can minister to Mike with an occasional visit, please do so. He needs to feel connected, and re-connected, to people. And please don’t be worried about what to talk about – you won’t be more boring than me!

Thanks again. God bless.

(Dan Z.)

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7/5/07 12 pm

well, tomorrow is the year anniversary of when mike almost died from a blood infection and was rushed to the hospital with a 105 fever. i remind myself of that in order to appreciate how far we have come since that nefarious setback. indeed mike is making agonizingly slow but consistent progress specifically in range of motion. he can miraculously scratch his own face or even pick his own nose if he wanted to! who knew that would be such a privilege if you ever wanted to! i also remind myself of those celebrations because the last few days mike has been waking up at night a bit and experiencing more pain during the day again. he is not consistent in saying what hurts so it is hard to isolate. he will yell to be sitting up, then 2 minutes later to be laying down. all i know for sure is that he is unsatisfied and unhappy. in our house, when mike ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. when a friend or caregiver try to answer his yelp he sometimes brushes them off and persists in calling for me to do the exact thing they offered to do (like raise the bed). so i get crankier and more tired. Don, our daytime caregiver told me that when mike was calling me yesterday Don asked if it was something he could do for mike. mike said-kiss me. so don laughed and said he would let me take care of it after all. that made me laugh because i am sure he really just wanted me to raise or lower the bed again but he knew just how to get me. so i try to remember that cranky as i get, it’s much harder to be mike than me.
keep praying, michelle

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