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6/24/07 12:30 am

all is well. i realized i never answered how wednesday night worship has been going. we have really liked it so far. it is a different mix of people week to week. mike seems to want it to be more crowded and i have maintained that it is not a program event we are running. so i haven’t sent out a mass mailing to get more people to come but i guess if we randomly have more people than fit in mike’s room some night he will be very pleased even if it doesn’t make for a comfortable accomodation. but it has been a sweet gift to hear and sing praises to God. I i try to slyly see if mike tries to sing–it would be a stretch for him because he would struggle to keep up. i think he was starting to a bit this week. but the fellowship before and after is an equal blessing, a chance to see old friends and new. so 7:00 wednesdays at our house, if anyone is interested. just be ready for some distracting kids as well since i let ours wander in and out. but God is certainly in this place if you feel like joining us! in him, michelle

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