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6/24/07 12:30 am

all is well. i realized i never answered how wednesday night worship has been going. we have really liked it so far. it is a different mix of people week to week. mike seems to want it to be more crowded and i have maintained that it is not a program event we are running. so i haven’t sent out a mass mailing to get more people to come but i guess if we randomly have more people than fit in mike’s room some night he will be very pleased even if it doesn’t make for a comfortable accomodation. but it has been a sweet gift to hear and sing praises to God. I i try to slyly see if mike tries to sing–it would be a stretch for him because he would struggle to keep up. i think he was starting to a bit this week. but the fellowship before and after is an equal blessing, a chance to see old friends and new. so 7:00 wednesdays at our house, if anyone is interested. just be ready for some distracting kids as well since i let ours wander in and out. but God is certainly in this place if you feel like joining us! in him, michelle

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6/19/07 6:30 pm

mike went in for a video swallow test today to see how well he protected his airway when swallowing. they watch the substance as it goes down his throat on x-ray. unfortunately, a lot still made it down his trachea instead of his esophagus which means he will have to keep up the swallowing practice and try again further down the line. he is certainly frustrated and angry. but we made a point to count our blessings and remember that today is not the last chance. he will get there still. pray for encouragement, and persevering swallowing practice. and may the recent pictures encourage you as you pray as they have reminded us of the daily treasures we enjoy, michelle

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6/19/07 4:16 p.m.

Check out the Photos page for new pics of Mike, Michelle, McKaela and Eli.




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6/18/07 1 am

hope to have more to say following tuesday’s video swallow test which mike has been training hard for according to reliable sources. had a relaxing nice fathers day. mike’s highlight seemed to be watching some golf which he was refusing phone calls for. it was nice to see him so engaged he wouldn’t be distracted for such niceties as conversation. the kids and i had an utterly lovely vacation with my family and mike seemed to be living the high life with friends while we were gone so it all worked out amazingly well. thanks for the prayer which keeps us so amazingly well. in Christ, michelle

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6/9/07 2 am

i am leaving on a family vacation tomorrow with the requisite amount of guilt that i am being spoiled because i was just gone 2 weekends ago on that work trip. but as i told michael, the more refreshed i am, the better his life is since i am the one taking care of him most of the time. so the kids and i have been looking forward to this branson, missouri trip with my parents and one of my sister’s family for a while. we will swim and read and laugh and play. mike is being taken care of by a few Young Life friends who are coming up with hilarious creative ways to entertain him. mckaela was compulsively reminding mike that we would be back from our vacation and would never leave him so he needn’t worry. and i thought i had finished getting ready to leave yesterday but there’s always something else no matter where you turn. which reminds me that that is precisely the way i am experiencing God’s love as of late. no matter where i turn, whatever mundane average task i am engaged in, God sends something my way to inform me that he still has our every need taken care of, at the store, at the doctor, church or the playground. i feel like i cannot get away from him and i wouldn’t want it any other way. it reminds me of the psalm i made as a poster for my dorm wall so long ago which we listened to in church this week… “Where can i go from your presence?” there is no place, no heaven or hell that will ever separate me from this Savior i love.
on a practical prayer note… mike finished his allowance for speech and occupational therapy and will finish physical soon. Don will continue the exercises these people worked on with mike. i tried to get him evluated for marianjoy but we are currently awaiting the earliest appointment which is for august 15 unfortunately. i guess i will put that in God’s hands as well instead of being impatient with it. meanwhile, the speech therapist did give hie recommendation for a video swallow study to allow mike some aount of food again. Our study is scheduled june 19 and if that goes well we can make an appointment with a pulmonologist to look at the trach and its necessity. we are really looking forward to knocking down a few of those dominoes. pray, pray for it all, us all. we are watching God move,

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6/2/07 11 pm

i was laying in bed with mckaela tonight wondering how long i had to stay before she would fall asleep.  and then i realized what an incredibly comfortable, warm, soft opportunity i was enjoying snuggling my daughter to sleep.  very rarely do my children ask for a little extra attention at bedtime.  i usually spend about 2 minutes on dumping them off into bed and moving on to other tasks.  but this afternoon i had snuggled eli to sleep for a nap and found myself doing the same with mckaela.  and i began to relish the preciousness of this year where my kids are just 1 and 3 years old.  i realized it will never be this year again and i see it as a blessing to enjoy.  then i began to stretch my gratitude across to this place where michael is too.  his slow but sure progress has been a delight. but honestly, his very life, this survival against the odds, has allowed a certain perspective that prevents me from taking any piece of our lives for granted.  yes, this year with young children and difficulty with  mike’s scary recovery has had its share of aggravation.  but it has also been an irreplaceable time for our family to be together and to praise God for each day we are.  the usual distractions have been set aside (most of the time) for a basic understanding of the incredible irresistable grace our whole lives rest upon.  so i lay in bed a little longer than i had to just to savor where we are.  this is good.  and i want to not want to hurry it.

oh yeah, the CT at the hospital went smoothly.  it was a simple follow-up and we weren’t meant to get any results about it that day anyhow.  we were not able to get time with a pulmonologist.  i am still checking my possible resources to look into the trach removal potential.  my hunch is that mike’s speech therapist may soon order a video/swallow test and i am willing to go slow till then because the trach could be a helpful backup for that.    so all is good.  we are even trying to provide a little worship night for mike at our house wednesday nights at 7 pm.  no idea how that will go exactly–maybe a few, maybe no one, very impromptu.  but i figure wherever 2 or 3 are gathered God will be there and how can that go wrong?  anyway, thanks & praise, michelle

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