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5/4/07 4pm

kids are napping and mike and i are lazing about watching tv.  i did catch the no-vomit flu from eli and so far mike just has a bad cough and mcKaela a runny nose.  my mom was called out for emergency duty for the kids for a few days while i barely managed mike and myself.  but i am feeling energized now that i can move again.  i laid around lamenting my inability to move my own muscles and felt a real kinship to michael.  he is full of ideas and demands and frustrations.  he wants to eat, and drink and walk around outside (no chair).  i am reminding him that all things are possible but require more muscle strength and time.  he is occasionally torn up by this slow process.  but the rest of the time he is asserting opinions and conversation.  his words are occasionally mixed up with his intent: “my tv is killing me”.  then i ask– do you mean your arm? and he says “yes!”  but the clarity is always exciting and his pain has still stayed minimal.  i am still getting opinions on home therapy vs marianjoy outpatient but he is being seen by speech, occupational and physical multiple times a week and is participating well.  so i am slow to decide but he is working hard in the meantime.  thanks for flowers, food, cards, encouragements, comments, visits… everything that makes each day still blessed no matter what else comes!  -michelle

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