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4/25/07 11:45 pm

i had a cranky day–just a little too busy, too many people in one day, no real or legitimate reason to be cranky.  although i don’t grudge myself a pointlessly cranky day, as long as i don’t let it take over.  but as i snapped at our kids to stop being SO loud and admitted to mike as i tried to hear his soft mumbling sentence, “michael, i am losing it,” he made himself heard.  he said, “let me kiss you.”  so i did and he passed on some patience to tide me over a few more deafening minutes of small children’s play.  just a stunning, yet simple moment orchestrated by a God who knows our needs.

mike is having some therapists visit and will continue to have that over the next few weeks as they assess goals and progress and pass on more training to don and i to continue to use as we care for mike.  mike has been more comfortable painwise than usual but he does have some pain as before.  but where he would cry out incessantly before, he is more easily and quickly relieved at this point.  please pray for this same level of relief to continue.  his head looks fabulous when i pull off the bandages to clean the site.  they did a remarkable job.  it really does make you stare and admire.  so good busy days make it hard to get updates up.  but we do continue to rely on prayer so thank you, michelle

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