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4/12/07 11 pm

finally a calm in so many preparations for mikes surgery and continued care.  mike is officially transferred from Young Life insurance to Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan coverage by a miracle of God’s grace.  and our neurosurgeons and primary care doctor and his generous flobotomist (sp?) have coordinated efforts to draw blood here at home instead of dragging him into the hospital for those necessities this week.  This included lots of phone calls and home visits between them all.  i guess each detail big and small surprises me.  every day both old friends and strangers, too, go out of their way to smooth rough paths for us.  and it makes all the difference.  each day is a new joy to discover God’s own perfect coverage for us ( i have had insurance on my mind!). 

the image this week of my newly mulched (by thoughtful, diligent church folk) early blooming garden being covered by a blanket of fresh snow caught my attention.  the vivid brown mulch, green shoots and clean white flakes didn’t add up.  it was a picture of nonsensical contrasts.  in some way, i see that image of God in this place in our lives.  why praise the necessity to switch insurance because your bills have exceeded a million dollars, why welcome flobotomists to your house to stick your arms again for the millionth time?  why indeed?  Because our God delivers himself in each moment to comfort and cover.  and his presence is irresistable.  it is impossible not to praise him.  i know it does not add up.  even so, the nonsense proclaims his wonder.

i stayed up watching tv in mike’s room the other night until i heard him ask, “michelle, how long are we going to do this?”  i said, “Do what?”  He answered, “Watch tv.”  He was kicking me out so he could go to sleep.  it made me laugh.  the moaning is still maddening but the inbetweens are, again, a wonder.  he is my husband.  still.  what a miracle.

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