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early 4/7/07

so, no one loving us so well will ever get the full credit they deserve here on earth.  but my rescuers of the week are Jim and Janet who are both associated with the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Program.  this program is a better fit for mike’s coverage than the medicaid will be and jim politely pursued an answer from me on how our insurance plans were looking.  he has spurred me on to action that i approach a bit too lazily and he has connected me with Janet who is trying to help me do anything possible to extricate myself from the medicaid situation that hospitals and social workers seem a bit too eager to push everyone into and get mike qualified for this ICHIP program which works more like the COBRA plan we have been used to.  conveniently this all should have been done, oh, maybe yesterday or last week.  now i could get frustrated or sad that i don’t have better timing but honestly, i figure if God can place the stars, dig the Grand Canyon and rise from the dead, then he can be the master of my timing, good or bad.  and besides, my rescuer Jim is taking care of the worry for me and guaranteeing that we do all possible from a human standpoint to get mike the best coverage.  so financially, we are in God’s hands and i don’t really worry and that seems to be working out ok so far.  but what do i know?  if things get bad, i will certainly be open—after all, who am i to say that’s not a reason he continues to keep so many faithfully reading our updates?  he does continue to provide heroes at every turn.  whenever i even get an urge to worry, God grabs that from me and lets me know he’ll handle that for me, too.  thanks as always for care and prayer!  he is risen indeed, michelle

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