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4/4/07 11:45 pm

busy days of ministry and insurance and applications and taxes (thanks greg schultz!) and kids and even EASTER!  a few days worth of news…  i met with one of our neurosurgeons to go over the surgery and he shared that the cranioplasty (putting the plate back into mike’s head) will serve protective and cosmetic purposes but sometimes also increases alertness and verbal ability as well as decreased headaches.  there is not a real medical rationale and it is not always the case but he was hopeful that the surgery might have this effect with mike.  so he recommended moving forward for all of these reasons.  i was simply looking forward to easier hairwashing so i am feeling very hopeful!  then their office called with a surgery date sooner than i though possible… APRIL 17!!!!   mike must stay healthy prior to surgery but it  is only 2 weeks away so it becomes less of a gamble!  (not that anything is a gamble with God!)  i was told there is an inherent risk with any surgery that something could happen where his brain bleeds and we start the whole process of last year over again.  but the risk is small and the gain is great.  also i was told to prepare for a setback for mike which i would expect is similar to when he has been sick.  i expect that he will stop talking for a little while and maybe become sleepy again as he has during any serious physical stress.  he will be in the hospital a few days at least.

other considerations… we will try our best to coordinate putting in a wood floor in mike’s bedroom/family room to replace a much-stained carpet while he is in the hospital.  and i finally got a message from our insurance that mike has at long last reached his lifetime maximum.  my mom has dubbed our insurance the loaves and fishes since i was first thrown into a panic over its diminished resources by our insurance liason in july 2006.  it has kept going and going and blessed me with the opportunity to be cared for by the compassionate and prayerful Christians at the Young Life Service Center and those who worked with us through our long term disability company.  and God has not even finished collecting the baskets–he has thrown some new resources our way to walk us through the next step in insurance as Christ’s ambassadors.  so, my head is a bit cloudy with details about too many things.  but still, again, all is grace.

as for mike right now… he is almost conversational though most conversations revolve solely around how we can help reposition or recushion him to subdue his muscle pain.  a few hard days in a row take the life out of both of us in different ways.  he is enduring so much physically and i find it torturous to listen to his moaning with no ability to help beyond a 5 minute reprieve.  i am finding myself becoming numb to his call when i am trying to finish an application for insurance or finally grab a bathroom break or whatever.  i tried to peptalk him today (instead of yelling at him that i can’t do anything better than i already am) that he worships a God that has risen from the dead and as mckaela says–God lives in you.  so we have resurrection power.  i really have nothing worth offering for pain, but mike can handle this with resurrection power through our God who loves him more than life!  so i cling to that truth–for each of us!  happy Easter.  love, michelle

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