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4/30/07 7:30 pm

miracles and mayhem.  marianjoy called me back and said that speech therapy with home care would still be a good option for now and later today i received a call saying edward home care found an opening with a speech therapist so we get to keep the therapists we have seen before!  meanwhile, eli has some type of flu–fever and throwup-our favorite combo.  i don’t know whether to be irritated that we have one frustration after another or to feel grateful that at least God keeps things spaced to allow me to face one thing at a time.  busy weeks follow busy weeks.  wyld life club thursday and an opportunity to put God’s goodness into words for kids to hear.  so we praise,  michelle

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4/29/07 11:45 pm

i got the chance to attend a Young Life retreat and enjoy good teaching, good friends, and good food.  mike’s parents spent every waking minute with Mike, McKaela and Eli while i went AWOL this weekend.  it did wonders for that crankiness of mine and i believe they all enjoyed themselves as well.  mike is doing better now than he ever has since this all began.  he has been so chatty this week i have actually asked him to keep his thoughts to himself or share them with someone on the phone–anyone beside me (i can’t hide that cranky week).  unfortunately he did specifically prefer my attention until i ducked out of the house.  but he has been seriously impressing me.  he has a whole bunch of ideas he wants to convey and many are understandable and conversational.  sometimes he is harder to understand though and sometimes i am not sure if he is confused, experiencing the wrong words coming out or if he is really a bit crazy.  he has shown so much coherence and comprehension that when he does throw a weird, out of context sentence out at me i don’t know where it came from or if it is significant that he didn’t make sense.  but it is a very exciting time, crazy sentences and all.

Please Do pray for therapy.  he was evaluated and began therapy through the home care agency that worked with mike in the fall but they do not have a speech therapist available at this time (due to a nationwide shortage).  you cannot have more than one agency work with a patient so we will need to dump that agency altogether to get speech any time soon.  i am waiting on some info from marianjoy before i go to a new agency altogether for home therapy for speech, occupational and physical.  he has been getting the physical therapy this past week since they began that before they realized there was no speech therapist available.  but pray that we get all of that organized and working smoothly.  he is doing so well right now i would hate to squander too much time.

praise God for his goodness.  he puts on quite a show!    michelle

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4/25/07 11:45 pm

i had a cranky day–just a little too busy, too many people in one day, no real or legitimate reason to be cranky.  although i don’t grudge myself a pointlessly cranky day, as long as i don’t let it take over.  but as i snapped at our kids to stop being SO loud and admitted to mike as i tried to hear his soft mumbling sentence, “michael, i am losing it,” he made himself heard.  he said, “let me kiss you.”  so i did and he passed on some patience to tide me over a few more deafening minutes of small children’s play.  just a stunning, yet simple moment orchestrated by a God who knows our needs.

mike is having some therapists visit and will continue to have that over the next few weeks as they assess goals and progress and pass on more training to don and i to continue to use as we care for mike.  mike has been more comfortable painwise than usual but he does have some pain as before.  but where he would cry out incessantly before, he is more easily and quickly relieved at this point.  please pray for this same level of relief to continue.  his head looks fabulous when i pull off the bandages to clean the site.  they did a remarkable job.  it really does make you stare and admire.  so good busy days make it hard to get updates up.  but we do continue to rely on prayer so thank you, michelle

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4/23/07 11:15 pm

had a little delay today getting mike a ride home on the bus so we scheduled for a 10 am checkout tomorrow from the lovely hotel he’s been enjoying, edward hospital.  he was a lot more awake (without pain) during my visit with the kids today.  they are slowly weaning back on the pain drugs and we’ll see how that continues at home.  but we are glad to get him there.  always so much to be thankful for, michelle

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4/20/07 7 pm

mike is still at edward hospital and doing pretty much the same as that first day–which is just fine.  he is sleepy and in severe head pain every couple hours.  the morphine helps a lot.  he talks a little when awake and is totally coherent so visitors are welcome.  he was moved out of ICU to the 5th floor of the North tower yesterday.  his doctor said it would be ok for him to stay a few more days which i think is great since i just finished painting trim and we are moving mike’s furniture back tonight onto our beautiful new wood floor.  maybe i can afford to sleep tomorrow.  also, it may give them an extra chance to evaluate him for home therapies again and figure out an adequate pain response since they can’t send him home on morphine.  so we are still basking in the glow of God’s providences, big and small.  in christ, michelle

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i cannot imagine a smoother day.  surgery took just a few hours and finished early.  our neurosurgeon said everything went just as it should.  mike is in the ICU tonight.  he is very sleepy but wakes up in pain every other hour and is given some morphine.  i have been so surprised at his alertness and responsiveness.  i expected a setback but he answered questions about the source of pain.  and then fell back asleep easily with the medication.  he is expected to be in the hospital for 3 days.  visitors are welcome–i am not sure he will stay in the ICU or get bumped to a stepdown unit.  visitors can ask at the info desk.  every moment today has been in God’s hands… tomorrow too!  amen!

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almost 4/17/07

it is almost literally the big day– about 5 minutes to midnight.  i had to leave mike downstairs moaning/crying because we had exhausted every possibility for relief and we will start early tomorrow getting dressed and ready for a 7 am Ride DuPage pace bus pickup (thank God for that underfunded glorious program).  so i am hiding out from his pain and hoping that where human effort has failed supernatural relief will kick in.  during a hard night last night i prayed with him for a focus not on the pain, not on the wind and the waves, but only on the Savior, the author and perfector of our faith.  i encouraged him to hold onto the Lord to get through till surgery tomorrow and then to welcome some sedatives–

so surgery at 10 am.  i assume everything will be wonderful and i will be able to give an update saying so tomorrow night.  the weekend was a blur with friends helping move mike into our family room along with all furnishings from his room and tearing up the carpet tonight so that we can have the new wood floors installed in these 3 days he is in the hospital.  today we were blessed by a delegation of prayerers (?) from Living Springs, the church i grew up in which hosted the benefit concert last month with sarah vandrunen.  mike was surrounded with people lifting him up before the Lord for healing and wholeness.  as they loaded back into the church van to drive the hour home i asked mike what he thought.  i am never sure how he may answer with such an open-ended question.  and he had not spoken really while they were there.  but he said clearly, “i thought that was awesome”.   so i am glad tonight that despite the pain, he feels as blessed, as surrounded, as i do.  God is so good.  thanks so much to so many who continue to show us how good.

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