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2/15/07 12:15 am

i don’t have much real news.  mike had a mostly quiet day but besides that he has been consistent about saying a few phrases every day.  it is exciting for anyone who is here to catch him for a conversation to have him respond just in this limited way.  we had yet another incredibly gracious dinner delivered and set up our flowers and candles in mike’s room, sat him up in bed and had an elegant family tv dinner watching charlie brown valentine’s specials.  i explained to mckaela that a valentine tradition is to have dinner with those you love.  we  blessed the meal and thanked God for this special time to be together.

on the horizon, our doctor will be checking in next week to see that mike’s speech is consistent and we may get a speech therapist back out to work toward goals again.  and, dare i say it aloud?  mike has avoided the hospital since those first days of january (could they even forget our name over there?) and i am waiting on word from the neurosurgeons on possibly scheduling the (cosmetic, technically) surgery to get his skull plate put back in.  that surgery hinges on his continued health.  i always wait to see what each day brings but these are tomorrow’s potentials.  pray for all things in perfect time…God’s way.  love and grace,   michelle

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