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2/3/07 2 pm

mike had a normal temp last night (slightly low) and is a nice 98 today.  hurray!  he does have some congestion so maybe? he was fighting a slight cold?  but we are in the clear for the moment for keeping him at home.  he is doing well.  very alert and awake most of the day with some naps.  he is not speaking or communicating much but he is always watching and presumably listening.  to clear up old questions.  rafael had to move on to a different job because he was not eligible for my non-for-profit program that we are currently using to help with the cost of homecare.  that is why we went through the program itself for them to find an eligible daytime caregiver.  Don is working out wonderfully though he is not allowed to administer medication so there is still some responsibility for me even when he is here.  but it lets me leave the house with the kids and use some freedom. 

my young life leader weekend was a complete delight.  i did feel pretty inadequate in speaking but God blessed me and others throughout the weekend so i didn’t feel too bad about it.  i did feel like i was playing hooky (sp?) without mike or the kids.  mike’s brother’s family kept mike company and everythng went great.  poor mckaela and eli took turns being sick–eli with an ear infection and mickaela finally got diagnosed with pneumonia and ear infections.  then eli picked up a quick but ferocious flu bug thursday night.  a blur of laundry and disinfecting has left me dazed but grateful that no one has a fever in our house for the first time in 2 1/2? weeks (and we are talking fevers of 104-105 degrees, none of that pansy lower stuff!)!  i count it a pure miracle of your prayer that i didn’t get sick myself or hurt one of my kids despite the perpetual crying, whining, neediness surrounding me at every turn!  keep us covered, please oh please!

peace!  michelle

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