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1/26/07 6 pm

mike is hanging in there.  he is looking good and is alert.  the pain comes and goes but can be counted on right around 6 am and 11 pm generally so pray for some relief right around then if you are up.  i am getting away for the weekend on the leader & staff development retreat for chicagoland young life.  my parents have my (sick) kids and mike’s brother Tom and family (from ohio) are staying with him while i am gone.  pray that everyone’s time would be a refreshment, a joy.  i have the opportunity to share on saturday night on the weekend–please pray that God would have his way with my words.  i sometimes wish i had stolen more time away to work on what i am going to say but i guess God can do what he wants with what i’ve got.  amen and thanks!  michelle

January 26, 2007 at 6:56 pm 9 comments

1/21/07 almost tomorrow

yes, we do have a new daily caregiver named Don who started saturday and will usually be here from about 8-3.  i am breathing a little easier with the new help and look forward to a week with all new household rhythms.  every morning brings new reassurances and examples of God’s love and faithfulness.  the help and support and continued offers to serve in any way possible every time i see people-anywhere we go-still surprise me with God’s abundance for our family.  joy to you, michelle

January 22, 2007 at 12:58 am 5 comments

1/20/07 early morning

every day–ups and downs.  i believe, hope, pray that we get a new daytime caregiver tomorrow.  mike is awake/alert off and on.  when awake he sometimes struggles with some intense pain which likely has to do with muscle spasms.  we hope to avoid sedating him with pain relievers since we are aiming to allow mike to be awake.  but it is agony–for him and for anyone witnessing.  some days are easier than others.  pray for the pain, for the perseverance.  i was blessed with some extra perspective today (thank you) from Dr Seuss’ “one fish two fish red fish blue fish”…

and now good night.  it is time to sleep.  so we will sleep with our pet Zeep.  Today is gone.  today was fun.  tomorrow is another one.  every day, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.

thank god for the gifts he fills each day with, even the hardest days.  amen

January 20, 2007 at 2:17 am 4 comments

1/17/07 5:30 pm

my internet has gone in and out and made it frustrating to get information out.  mike actually had a 103 fever on friday night and headed back into the ER.  it takes them a few days to check all options for infections–he had none–clean as a whistle.  so he came home monday.  at this point the fevers are mostly controlled by an ibuprofen regimen and fridays spike is inexplicable.  but it is a good thing it was short and not infection-related.  his brain might not just regulate temperature perfectly well making it difficult to know what does or does not need to be treated with antibiotics.  but eli was able to give his daddy a kiss (he just learned how to do cleaner ones with his mouth closed) and McKaela gave him a hug goodnight.  so we live on the daily alottment of grace.  the non-for-profit, AABCORP, is still working on sending us a CNA to help about 7 hours a day at no cost to us and until then we are hanging in there, caring for mike without outside help.  it is not easy to handle and seems ironic to agree that someone needs as much care as they approved for us but still take 2 weeks to place that care.  but we are counting the blessings to have qualified for the program and pray that it will be an incredible fit.  blessings abound,  michelle

January 16, 2007 at 6:22 pm 8 comments

1/6/07 11:30 PM

 mike is sleeping in his room at home.  he got to enjoy eli’s protests about going to bed.  family time is an indescribable blessing, even when it doesn’t sound pretty.  keep praying he stays put and stays healthy!  love, michelle

January 7, 2007 at 12:28 am 16 comments

friday 1/5/07 10 pm

good news…they were having a pretty hard time figuring out the fever for awhile.  but mike is finally infection free and a perpetual dose of ibuprofen seems to be keeping the fever down.  sooooooo… mike gets to come home tomorrow!  He did look a little better today and will hopefully be able to perk up now that he is feeling well again.  Keep praying!  with love,  michelle

January 5, 2007 at 11:00 pm 6 comments

1/2/07 5:45 pm

it has been a week of struggle and joy.  We truly enjoyed the holidays and treasured the chances to see many old friends and family who have passed through lately.  and we had a little more peace than usual in not traveling.  the struggle came in some debilitating colds for me and the kids and these persistent, inexplicable fevers for mike.  he is still in the hospital as we search for a response to the fevers.  he is alert, watching tv sometimes, but seems to struggle to even open his eyes when his temp gets close to 102.  it is always hard to tell whether he is awake or asleep when he is weak so visit anyhow on the strong probability he appreciates it but is too weak to indicate it.  the comments, prayers, scriptures (and chicken chili) sustain us.  You deliver God right to us in these ways.  thank you and love, michelle

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