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12/13/06 1 am

sometimes i catch myself repeating the same story to different people and i realize it is because it summarizes life, or blessing or perspective for me.  i cannot get it off my mind because it fuels me or points me back to the Father in some way.  this week, when a dear dinner deliverer dropped off her regular anonymous monday fare i happened to catch her and drag her in for a quick visit.  mckaela was lost in a nap and eli had followed me to the door.  i asked him to show her where daddy was and he turned tail and led her straight through the hallway, turned through the kitchen and headed straight over to mike’s bed.  i have described what i see as eli falling in love with mike.  mike is so limited in how he can actively love eli and eli was still so little the last time mike could pick him up or swaddle and comfort him.  it is beyond explanation how eli has come to desire, clutch for, seek out mike.  he inherently knows and longs to be close to his daddy.  may it be so for each of us with our own heavenly dad.

by the way, mike is still hanging in there.  my hunch is that progress will be slow or below my radar to report for a while.  this is not horrible, simply the reality.  mike is still weak and finding it difficult to actively move his muscles, limbs, etc. much.  we will continue exercising him for him to maintain range of motion but he will only get stronger as he moves muscles himself.  i use mcKaela to try flashcards and funny faces with him.  she is persistent and influential…my best bet.  but your prayer is our foundation.  please keep us covered.  thanks and blessings,  michelle

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