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11/3/06 9pm

every little thing gradually falls into place.  i have been watching and learning more intensely than ever during these last few days of therapy at marianjoy.  yesterday we maneuvered to get mike into his wheelchair using this big hoyer? lift which is a lot like a little carnival ride from bed to chair.  it is harder than you might think with a guy whose one leg really prefers sticking straight out in front of him.  i commented that mike is a lot like a puzzle piece and you have to figure out what fits where…(i tend to lose and squish his arm when i am doing his tranfers).  the more i thought the more i figured everything about mike is a puzzle piece in a sense–physically, carewise, therapies, whatever.  each piece has  a place, a time to squeeze in a hospital stop, then a big piece of inpatient therapy, now we are holding the homecare piece trying to figure out which way it goes and becoming accustomed to its shape and how it fits in comparison to the pieces we have already placed.  i like this analogy because it makes me feel less nervous about the newness of the next piece and instead eager to see how it will contribute to the whole picture, every single juncture.  I interviewed a couple of caregivers today and felt very good about one in particluar.  i am encouraged to see God work through this new figure.  and always i give praise to the wonders of those who have invested in mike.  you would think i could get used to miraculous people, but not really.  i am in awe of the grace administered by so many at Marianjoy from sports scores to babysitting offers!  their giftedness is a glory to God.  so still a busy week ahead… a ramp going in tomorrow morning, more care training on monday and tuesday and an appointment with a gentleman working on a medical benefits trust.  wednesday is still the due date for home. 

informations sake… after much discussion regarding mike’s trach we decided to keep it in and accessible but capped 24 hours a day.  he has some scar tissue from having it removed (oh so briefly) last july and if he repeats that in and out again he uses up his chance to get it out again.  so we will bide time with it by now as a precaution should he get sick enough to need his airway controlled again.  he will not be utilizing the trach but will retain access if necessary.  also, he was eligible to have the skull cap put back in but we were advised by mike’s marianjoy doctor to let that surgery wait as well to decrease risk of infection accompanying a significant surgery.  also, there is no medical necessity for it–in fact, they consider it cosmetic!  so keeping trach and hole in the skull for now. 

 love and thanks,    michelle

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