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i wish i had more definite details to share but mike had a great day therapywise.  he has been increasing his tolerance having the valve put on his trach hole to allow him to vocalize (talk out loud).  i believe he had it on a couple of hours this morning without a problem.  he also is continuing to impress his phyical and occupational therapists with his progress (especially despite his field trip to edward last week).  praise God he has not stagnated but continued to improve even while sick this past week.

 mike did get upset this morning and apparently was “yelling” with the nurse and therapists (before i arrived).  he was very clear in his speaking and shared a variety of sentences with them…  “i want cereal.  i’m stressed.  my leg hurts (muscle cramps and tone issues).  too many visitors…”  yes, i am proud to say that mike has been so lovingly cared for he finally felt a bit overflowing with friends.  now we did have a great visit with Young Life area directors later in the day and mike had no problem getting into the wheelchair and welcoming their time with him so it is possible his visitors complaint was a mood thing coupled with some amount of pain.  so i say, please do not be discouraged but encouraged by that comment.  i only share it in the interest of full disclosure.  if it tells you anything, may it be that mike is more than capable of conveying his annoyance in a loud and clear voice when something actually bugs him so you never have to guess at his feelings.  he will tell you if he needs space.  and, great job with visits… don’t feel like visits have to be long or weekly or anything specific.  just stop in when you have a good chance.

and finally, his therapists indicated that they thought he was doing so well today there is a good chance he may get transferred to marianjoy in less than 2 weeks.  we will have to wait and see what marianjoy says.  the step up will be great for aiming for weening him off the trach again as well as intensifying his progress overall hopefully. 

it is funny but even mike’s anger turns me to praise.  join me,   michelle

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