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mike is doing well at edward hospital still.  his fever has been down for days as the antibiotics again do their work.  we also took advantage of the hospital visit to get him seen by his neurologist to adjust his antiseizure medication.  Mike had had 2 seizures this month within 2 weeks of each other.  He is now at the maximum dose of his drug which will hopefully stave off further seizures which his particular brain injury makes him highly susceptible to.  He is alert and coherent but slow to respond.  he is participating in therapy at edward but he is not up to his normal frequency of interacting whether through nodding, mumbling or speaking.  i believe this slowness may be the drug switch adjustment.  I have been so utterly touched and reassured by the faithful variety of visitors he is receiving, even since being switched to edward.  he is awake enough to be blessed by the visits even if it is difficult to tell.  and the football team souvenrs in the room add an extra “elegance”!  Thanks so much for the way you all care for mike and me.

today is the first day of autumn according to my calendar which i had to check to write the date.  time sneaks by me like eli trying to climb the stairs for the millionth time after being removed to safety…(and i have missed important birthdays-sorry sister and sister-in-law).  but there is a magic surprise about fall when you don’t know what color the tree in your front yard will be when you wake up the next day, when you don’t know what slimy bug might be discovered under a pile of soggy leaves overturned by a 3 year old.  i am looking forward to being surprised by mike’s own transformation in the coming weeks.  i pray that we would see a newness in him as our artistic father continues to recreate and redesign him.  peace and love,    michelle

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