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some weeks are easier to sit than others.  i think i even hear eli waking up right now so i will be brief… WOW what fun visitors have been.  Wow, how you have stepped up to the plate.  please continue to stop in.  i say feel free to read anything, talk, pray, play, watch tv anything.  even when i am not in the mood, any kind of diversion is a blessing for at least a little while.  if you are unsure whether he is enjoying himself, then just keep it brief (like 10 minutes) and at the very least it will be a change!  Rest assured, he is more than capable of being clear if he is uncomfortable or in pain or irritated.  That is when he practically shouts.  if it is hard to understand him then the truth is he is probably being a bit noncommital.  so i say unless he shouts NO at you loud and clear, feel free to interact any way you want to try.

mike has been extra sleepy this week and did have a slight fever one night.  he is doing ok and has been capable of participating in all of his therapies but we are hoping he perks back up soon.  Monday night he had a short seizure which is not uncommon or unexpected with any head injury.  he has been on anti-seizure medicine all along but this is the second seizure in the last 2 weeks so they did adjust the preventative medication which is a possible explanation for the sleepiness. 

they are tentatively planning for him to be reevaluated and sent back to Marianjoy in Wheaton in 2 weeks or so.  he will partake in some more agressive therapy there and we are excited for his return.  Manorcare has been an incredible blessing full of excellent and compassionate caregivers.  please praise God yet again for surrounding us with skilled and sensitive people who go above and beyond.

while listening to a favorite mix cd on wednesday i noticed mike saying something.  a lot of what he says is too mumbled to understand so at first i couldn’t follow.  then i realized it was in synch with the song playing.  he was singing along to the random verses in “american music” by violent femmes.  it made me laugh, brightened my day.

thanks and praise,    michelle

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