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9/10/06 9:15 pm

i haven’t provided many updates on mike’s recent progress and he is doing great lately.  some of his newest exploits, (if you will), are that he is scratching his eyebrows with one finger… (I don’t know why his eyebrows have become so darn itchy or maybe he is just showing off his new flexibility!); he is also repeatedly leaning his head and shoulders forward and sometimes even holding his hand out for help to sit up in bed.  he is pretty intent on this goal and so i have been told they will be working on that this week.  i also got to take mike on a short and sleepy walk outside on thursday with the kids and a sweet and lovely friend.  some days this week he has seemed annoyed or agitated (maybe it’s the football games getting him all worked up).  i also have enjoyed a few days of easygoing carefree visits where i talked a lot and he would sometimes appease my request for a response with a fake cartoonishly overdone look of surprise.  he is teasing me.  some days he is moving his lips a lot to speak and sometimes you can make out what he is saying.  sometimes not.  and sometimes he doesn’t try to talk at all and sticks to nodding.  so you never know what you’ll get on any given visit.  for best experiences visit often!

that piece of advice leads me to an awkward subject.  i am so blessed by so many as always to be able to visit mike every day because gracious friends and family babysit our kids for free.  yet i noticed when i scanned the signin sheet at Manorcare a few days last week that some days went by where i was his only visitor.  now some people indeed skip signing in so i could easily be ignorant of his day’s visitors.  but i am finding myself concerned by the number of people apologizing for not getting the chance to visit mike yet.  i know what the busy life can be like where literally one more thing simply does NOT fit.  and though it breaks your heart there is no way possible one more thing can be juggled in.  i understand that.  but i suspect that it is likely that some of us are just struggling to remember, prioritize or muster up even the courage to stop by to visit.  if that is you, i want to say, just do it.  stop wishing or wanting and do it.  we have been so blessed with visits from people who haven’t even spoken to mike in years and others who never met mike before this hospitalization but have heard, prayed and invested themselves.  please wonder whether he would ALSO enjoy a visit from those he would normally rub shoulders with regularly.  on my best day i usually spend maybe 3 hours with mike.  and other days i spend much much less time.  consider that he may be awake and alone for another 10 hours a day or more.  if you can find 10 minutes to drop by, just do it.  it will break the monotony and give him a highlight to think about and remind him that he is loved.  every visit doesn’t have to be magical or long or anything.  start with short.  watch and comment on some tv with him.  bring an article to read to him or anything you could use as a diversion while you are there.  but go.  be there.  please.  i pray that God will minister to you as you minister to him in this way.

one more fun highlight.  my very busy friday included a wonderful wedding in Chicago of a favorite old club kid/leader, a train ride home with both kids and a homegame at the high school.  we got home that night at 10:30 and missed visiting mike that day.  so i felt guilty and was telling mike about all we were busy with and about the game and who we got to see and hang out with and his final proclamation for me was, “awesome”.  that’s him.  he loves to love kids for Christ, no less today than yesterday.  what a sweet reminder.

thanks and amen-    michelle

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