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8/22/06 Post from Peggy Lehner, following visit with Mike

No news on the fever (sorry), but Mike has continued to be alert and responsive, so it doesn’t seem to be setting him back.  In the meantime, I wanted to pass along some words encouraging people to visit.  (As many of you know, the Lehners are dear friends of Mike from Dayton, OH.) … 

    Jim and I made it up to see Mike for the first time this past weekend and we would just like to pass on the following. It is really very important for Mikes recovery that he have as much stimulation as possible so PLEASE make every effort you can to go visit, stay as long as possible and don’t worry about staying too long. If you are hesitant for any reason let me assure you that we quickly realized MIke really understands everything you are saying to him. His ability to communicate is extremely limited at the moment but the longer we stayed the easier it became to interpret both his facial expressions and get him to nod or raise a finger in response to even somewhat complex questions. Perhaps most encouraging was seeing Mikes sense of humor come through. I used to tease him about that peculiar little head movement he makes where he would sort of move his neck around and shrug his shoulder— Michelle says it is a left over football injury. I am probably not describing it very well but everyone seems to know what I am talking about. I was babbling to Mike on Friday night about how hard he needs to work and made reference to wanting to see that famous “Zegarski shrug” in the near future. Lo and behold…he looked right at me and moved his shoulder up and down…a movement we certainly had not seen up to that point. As some of you may know Jim is a doctor and he is concerned that Mike be kept awake as much as possible during the day so that he can get solid sleep at night. That also will keep him fresh and alert for the next days therapy! So go and don’t worry about what to say…even sing a song if you must. We made him sit through a very bad rendition of the ND Fight Song. (Something tells me MIke wouldn’t have clapped even if he could). When you leave put a tape in the CD player or ask Mike if he wants the TV on…and what he wants to watch. His room mate told us that Jerry Springer was on that morning and was very loud. He asked Mike if he could turn it off and he said Mike response was an enthusiastic YES so don’t assume that Mike has lost his taste for GOOD entertainment.

I won’t claim it was not emotionally diffiucult to see Mike in his current condition but it was SO GOOD to be able to be with him. Just wish we were closer and could visit more regularly. It was also great to see Michelle and the kids. Michelle is absolutely amazing as you all know and those kids are truly precious.

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