August 5, 2006 at 3:16 pm 6 comments

Mike should transfer back to ManorCare today at about 4:30 p.m.  Please pray that his spirits will be raised by the return to active rehabilitation, and please pray for the health of Mike’s legs and feet.  His feet are turning inward somewhat, and we don’t want to see this become an obstacle to his therapy, or to efforts to have him standing.  (I just believe that as soon as he is standing on his own, nothing will be able to stop him.)


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  • 1. Erin Strong  |  August 5, 2006 at 6:43 pm

    Michelle and family,

    I’ve been thinking a lot about your family lately. I’ve been questioning, praying, praising God for Mike’s progress, praying for patience and so many other things. There was just something I wanted to share with you. I was listening to the radio the other day and a song I’m sure you’ve heard came on…it’s called Praise you in this Storm by Casting Crowns..and the chorus I thought was just so awesome…

    “And I’ll praise You in this storm
    and I will lift my hands
    but You are who You are
    no matter where I am
    and every tear I’ve cried
    You hold in Your hand
    You never left my side
    and though my heart is torn
    I will praise You in this storm..”

    I don’t know…it just really hit me and I know you have probably heard all of this a thousand times, but through all of this it just amazes me at how strong you all have been. I know there are so many ups and downs and there is progress and setbacks..but through it all just know that God hears every prayer, holds every tear, and rejoices in every bit of progress and praise He gets. There are good days and bad days and my prayer is that through it all we can praise Him for all He is doing. I love you guys and I think about you all everyday.

    Love always,
    Erin Strong

  • 2. Chad & Melissa  |  August 7, 2006 at 9:29 am

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, may God continue to reveal himself to all of you.

  • 3. Lisa Haid  |  August 7, 2006 at 9:47 am

    How exciting – the thought of Mike standing on his own two feet!

    “He will make my feet like the feet of a deer and enable me to stand on the heights!” – 2 Samuel 22:34

    I don’t think there’s actually an exclamation point on that verse in the bible but there certainly should be. It won’t be long until Mike is standing on the heights. We continue to pray for encouragement, tearing away of barriers and even more miracles for Mike for we know that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him”. – Romans 8:28

    “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.”
    – 1 Corinthians 2:9

    We are all so blessed to know how true this is!

  • 4. Steve Fisher  |  August 7, 2006 at 10:50 am

    Hello Michelle:

    Good news of Mike’s anxiousness to get back to rehab! Just like the start of football season. Can’t wait for the first game! We continue to pray for a rapid and complete recovery!

    Hey, Michelle, in your next update tell us about your camp trip to Timberwolf. We have been praying for that time as well as Mike’s recovery.



  • 5. Heather Schmidt  |  August 7, 2006 at 3:22 pm

    May God continue to give strength to all involved in Mike’s recovery. Each day a new miracle is revealed. I have to admit when I saw Mike last week I was a little shocked. I am hoping he was just tired, and didn’t want to open his eyes. I can feel that he wants to just break out of the darkness and come back to his family. I pray for his continued recovery and for Michelle and the kids. God Bless you all! Love and prayers,

  • 6. Rosemary McGuire  |  August 8, 2006 at 8:49 pm

    George & I were going to light a candle at a Catherdral in Ricmond,VA on sunday. We could not find the candles. Finally we ask, and were told the candles were bad for the environment of the church. However, we added your name to a prayer list so perhaps that was better because more people will be praying. We will continue to light candles in every state we visit. So happy to read you are doing better, Mike, keep up the great job. Love Rosemary & George


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