August 4, 2006 at 9:09 pm 4 comments

Wednesday, Mike went to Edward to have his trach changed out, which went fine.  While there, however, it was noticed that he had a slight temperature, so they placed him on antibiotics and decided to hold him.  He would have returned to Manorcare today, were it not for a delay in performing an ultrasound on his legs to ensure that he has no clotting in his legs.  That should occur tomorrow, and Mike could then return to ManorCare.

Mike remains alert and awake, and he is anxious to return to the rehab environment at ManorCare.  Please pray that he will be cleared to return tomorrow, and that he will be able to work hard and uninterrupted for awhile.  All of this bouncing around is very frustrating for Mike — and for all of us, I am sure.  If you can visit, please do.  (As soon as Mike returns to ManorCare, I will try to post.)

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  • 1. Sherrie Vanderwall  |  August 4, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    Michelle I think of you often, even thou I have never met you and your family. I continue to pray for all of you. I visit Mikes website often to get an update and to print and pass this on to your Aunt Gladys when I see her on Saturdays.
    You have such strength. You are truly an inspiration to all.
    God Bless You!!!!

  • 2. Emily Barrett  |  August 4, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    Dear Michelle —

    I visit this site all the time and hang on your every (typed) word. I, too, struggle to understand why just when Mike is gaining so much momentum — things suddenly come not only to a crashing halt, but go backwards.

    There is, of course, no tangible answer to that. I have seen the waning and waxing of my own health (on a much less dramatic scale) and the greatest comfort I can take is this: I have God, an amazing family and support network, health insurance, live in a country with advanced medical options, and have truly caring doctors. So, regardless of what happens, the “odds” are stacked pretty well in my (and Mike’s) favor!

    I also agree with you, wholeheartedly!, that patient and caring medical staff make the biggest difference. When you have an unhurried nurse, an understanding medical benefits person, etc., everything seems a bit more bearable.

    Know that I, and everyone in my family, am thinking of you, and everyone in your family, often.

    Love, emily

  • 3. Debbie Dixon  |  August 5, 2006 at 6:06 am

    Glad to have the update on Mike. Will continue to pray for renewed strength and return ASAP to rehab. Want to hear how Michelle’s timie at Timberwolf went. You all continue to be in daily prayers and thoughts. God Bless.

  • 4. Emily Folk  |  August 5, 2006 at 9:09 am

    Michelle, my family and I continue to pray for you and Mike. I know Mike through Young Life/ Dayton-Kettering and met you briefly at your wedding. I am encouraged by your faith and perseverance in all of this – and also encouraged as you continue to seek and see God’s hand. When checking this site recently, I realized that this week while at Timber Wolf Lake, you are very close to our family’s home and church. In the event that you are able to read this before you head back to Illinois, I wanted you to have a visual of one of the many churches praying for you. Our church is Trinity Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Big Rapids, Michigan. It is just off of 131 (possibly visible from the highway), so you will probably pass it on your way home (exit 139). Blessings to you – I hope you had a rich time while ministering to the girls on your trip. – Emily Folk (on behalf of Jim, Emily and Muriel Folk)


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