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7/30/06 8:30 pm

yes, hooray, mike is comfortably settled in at Manor Care in Naperville.  Visitors welcome 10 am to 8 pm.  He is sleeping and cannot talk because of his trach.  he is moving very little.  this is a big week so we will need some extra determined prayer cover.  Request #1–mike has been given one week by the insurance company to make some measure of improvement to justify the expense of rehab.  I believe he gets bumped down the ladder to “custodial” care if they cannot document and justify his stay at Manor Care.  Custodial care is private pay.  Pray that Mike would get the most out of where he is.  My hope is for him to do well here and shock us all.

requests #2 and 3–i am leading a cabin of girls on a junior high wyld life trip Tuesday through saturday this week at timberwolf lake in michigan.  mike’s parents, fred and jill, will be with mike all week bearing the burden of responsibility for him.  please pray for this trip of over 50 kids.  pray that God would be glorified and vivid and that kids would be softhearted and responsive.  pray for protection from distraction while we are there.  and PLEASE pray for a stable week for fred and jill here at home.  (last time i left town mike had a seizure, giving all of us a scare). 

this is a big week and i am laying it all at God’s feet.  it is too big for me to hold.  but i figure the one who can conquer the grave shouldn’t be too overwhelmed by any detail.  amen.     –michelle

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