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Mike is doing well at Marionjoy.  He has days where his speech is quite good, and others where he may just not feel like talking. His caregivers would like to see more progress in the way of physical and occupational therapy than Mike has shown, but, of course, a number of obstacles have been thrown into his path since he started at Marionjoy.  Thankfully, it appears that many of them have been removed.  

There have been no fluid issues since the shunt was put in place, and the c-diff infection is now resolved (which is great because it can cause flu-like symptoms and weakness which could have impeded Mike’s progress).  Tomorrow, Mike is scheduled to receive some botox injections in his muscles which should relax them and hopefully resolve the spasticity which he has had in his legs and (more recently) his arms.  This should clear the way for more effective physical and occupational therapy, making the effectiveness of the botox a most obvious subject of prayer.

Mike will only be at Marionjoy for another two weeks (as it is now projected).  From there, he will go to a “sub-acute” facility, which does not support some of the needs beyond which Mike has progressed, and where he will continue to receive physical and occupational therapy. After that, Mike could possibly go back to Marionjoy (for therapy relating to more advanced movement and activities) or he could go home (and having a caregiver come in daily to assist him).  Of course, everything depends on Mike’s progress and his needs.  (Keep praying.)

I feel compelled to mention this, so please forgive me, but some may have wondered about the reduced frequency of updates.  The problems (I think) are mainly two: First, the ICU atmosphere, and the constant oversight of Mike in the ICU by nurses to whom we had direct access 24/7, really allowed for a free-flow of lots of information.  In the physical therapy environment, the nurses who care for Mike daily, and who are available for questions, are not the therapists who have the answers about Mike’s progress.  (And, of course, the therapists are not with him constantly.) So, there are certain practical difficulties of getting information and of just how much information is available.  (I myself often do not know how things are going day-to-day.)

The second problem is really a good problem to have, which I would summarize (maybe badly) this way: the better a person gets, the less obvious (in some ways) the progress becomes, and the harder it is to pass on.  When Mike was fighting for his life, every single response and every inch of movement was truly a milestone, and something to be eagerly reported.  These were changes (in a way) from nothing to something, and so the changes were qualitatively infinite.  Now that Mike is in therapy (thank God!), every movement does not now represent what they once did.  Rather, we are looking at subtle improvements in strength and range of motion, which are harder to identify and quantify, and, so, harder to report.

I know that you probably will have guessed all of this, but I wanted to say it because the reduced frequency of updates to you has bothered me.  We know that you are faithful in prayer (thank you!).  Be encouraged to remain fervent.  Prayer has brought Mike to where he is, to where he is praying with us.

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