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6/26/06 10:35 pm

Monday is assessment day at Marianjoy where the therapists and doctors check in and summarize Mike’s weekly progress.  He did not make great strides in physical or occupational therapy.  He is still fighting the distraction and weariness that come with the leg spasms he is suffering from.  They are planning on using Botox to relax the muscles enough to allow him to concentrate and regain momentum.  Speech therapy is going well.  He has been swallowing liquids from a spoon and will hopefully move on to pureed foods next week.  Mike can say whole sentences clearly on occasion but for the most part can use only a few words together intelligibly.  We are concentrating on helping him strategize to help others understand him.  He wants to share long-winded thoughts and we must encourage him to choose key words to convey meaning to listeners.  His speech therapist did try a communication board but he did not use it in any reliable way so we are sticking to verbal speech right now.  The perk is that every time he speaks, intelligibly or not, he is using and strenthening the muscles which is the problem anyhow.  So we are only going in the right direction.  Mike is scheduled for 3 more weeks at Marianjoy and then on to a new “subacute” care facility where he will still enjoy therapy 5 times a week before we can look at him coming home.

So, a lot of information to digest.  I asked Mike’s doctor what to specifically aim our weapon of prayer at and he said to concentrate on the speech.  As his speech comes along he believes Mike will feel more satisfied, motivated and connected.  Please pray for just exactly that.  Also please continue to lift up Mike’s caregivers and therapists.  They are incredible and their enthusiasm, compassion and investment in him are evident.  Thank God for that!  Thanks for prayers, visits, and faithfully keeping with us for the long haul.              -michelle

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