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5/26/06 10:10 pm

     In The Phantom Tollbooth (a children's book) by Norton Juster the boy accidentally drives his car straight into the Doldrums saying, "It looks as though I'm getting nowhere.  I hope I haven't taken a wrong turn."  I have felt the doldrums a bit this week.  No updates because we didn't seem to be going anywhere.  Or really going a lot of places to get nowhere.  Mike's temperature has gone down and stayed down and they are taking him off all antibiotics.  It does not seem that the fever was linked to an infection but they may never be sure quite what caused it.  The fluid in his head has continued to fluctuate up and down so they intend to finally put in an internal shunt from his brain to his belly which will take care of that for good.  That surgery is tentatively aimed for Tuesday and will include a few days after for monitoring.  Mike is still sleepy but alert at different times throughout the day (or night). 

     To leave the doldrums the boy needed to notice where he was and change his thoughts.  So I am trying to feed myself more of God's word to get where I really want to be.  We know that God has charge of each moment of this journey and every stop along the way.  He does not waste a moment.  So i believe this is for his glory.  And therefore i will praise him for this opportunity too.          –michelle

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