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5/23/06 10:57 pm

Mike is continuing to evade diagnosis today.  They have no certainty about what is spurring his fever.  His head has also begun swelling again necessitating a CT scan tonight.  This is not an emergency situation even if there is a buildup of fluid on the brain because the missing skull flap allows for swelling.  He is being transferred back to Edward at our request so that the medical team most familiar with his history can continue their care.  Central DuPage has been incredibly accomodating for our brief visit.  Please pray that all of this can be understood and addressed quickly and efficiently so that focus can return to rehabilitation instead of stabilization.  I don't quite know what God may be up to in our tour of greater Chicagoland hospitals but I trust his plans are good.

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5/23/06 10:40 am

Nothing much to report quite yet.  Mike was actually transferred to Central DuPage Hosptal.  Once he is on the road it is at the paramedics' discretion where he needs to go.  He is stable and they have been doing tests and x-rays which are still inconclusive at this time  They are still maintaining that it is either pneumonia or an infection common to someone in Mike's position who has been in a hospital setting and on antibiotics for such a long time.  He is on oxygen again and so the trach is not capped and he cannot speak.  He is squeezing hands to communicate.  He is alert and seemingly more comfortable.  When we have information, we will update… keep praying– and praising God for what he has done, is doing and is about to do even as we watch. 

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