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5/22/06 9:25 pm hurdle-

     i am writing really quickly before i really have much actual information together.  Marionjoy's doctor just called and reported that Mike has been spiking a fever today which they addressed with tylenol.  however the fever has returned and they are not wanting to simply monitor it at all night since it is not responding to the tylenol.  so mike is back to Edward Hospital as soon as they get the ambulance to transport him.  He has been on antibiotics for a while so whatever is causing the fever is not being addressed by his antibiotics.  One possibility is that he aspirated (something went down his airway somehow) and that could cause this response.  Mike is very sleepy just like anyone who is sick with a fever.  They will most likely be doing some tests and monitoring and hopefully we will have some answers tomorrow.  Please pray that God uses even what seems like a hurdle to me to bless Mike and others.  Pray that his body would be bouncing back and his rehab would be able to continue as impressively as soon as possible.  Praise God for the thorough staff at Marionjoy and again the wonderful Edward staff for their care for Mike.

Micah 7:7     But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.

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