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5/20/06 8:30 pm

We spent much of today with Mike, beginning at about noon, and it was a very good day.  Mike was completely alert and aware all day.  We spent a long time outside.  Mike watched McKaela running around and being swung around by Michelle's friend Desiree (who is visiting from CA), and he held Eli (with a little help).  It was a beautiful day out, and I was glad that Mike could get out to enjoy it.  It was wonderful to spend time with him, to converse with him, and simply to know that he knew we were all there together with him.  That may sound silly, but so often in the ICU I found myself thinking something like: if only we could be sure that he knows that everyone is with him….  Well, I believe that he knew even then, but now we can know that he does.  (It's always nice to move something from the "believe" column into the "know" column.)

Mike is trying to say ALOT.  This is great in its own right, because it shows just how alert and active his mind is.  He has questions, he is seeking information, and he wants to tell us things.  At this time, he is still having difficulty enunciating, but it is encouraging to note that he is trying to speak in long, complete sentences.  So, with the verbalization skills that will come with speech therapy, I believe we can expect Mike will be talking people's ears off.  Still, he is clearly frustrated by not being able to have us understand everything he is trying to say.

Some important prayer requests would include the health of Mike's left eye, success with speech, and progress toward a removal of the tracheostoma, which could make speech easier for him.  Every bit as important would be prayer that Mike not suffer discouragement as he begins to realize what has happened and what challenges he is now facing.  Mike's conscious understanding of his condition is only, perhaps, days old.  He does not remember the seven weeks at Edward.  So, whereas we have had two months to come to terms with all of this, he has had just days.  Please pray that he be guarded from despair.  And please remember that prayer remains the most important thing we can do for Mike, Michelle, and the kids.

We have so much be thankful for also!  How desperately we wanted to have a day like this two months ago!  We really have witnessed a miracle here, one that continues to unfold.

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