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5/17/06 9:10 pm

     I know it can be frustrating to keep checking for updates and find nothing new.  It is somewhat frustrating not to know something new to update.  Mike is holding steady with all of his new progress.  He is still attempting to move his lips and make sounds-sometimes discernible, sometimes not.  When visiting at night I find that he is tired and less receptive to impressing me with his newfound capabilities.  However he is alert and attentive with his eye open even though he is tired.  He without fail will nod yes to being tired when I finally get around to asking.  (I don't like to ask too soon into my visit because I am not always ready myself for our visit to end too quickly).  I did ask him tonight whether he liked visitors and he nodded yes.  Later I asked if he wanted to go back to bed and he nodded yes.  I started feeling bad that I was doing more harm than good in visiting so I asked if he liked that I had visited and he also nodded yes.  (He does shake no at other times so don't think he was just being a yes-man).  So my conclusion is that if you are visiting, maybe keep it brief in this next week or so until more of his strength is returning.  But I do believe he enjoys seeing the faces of friends as far as I can tell from his answers and reception of company.  He was not using words with me tonight no matter how much I asked.  But as I wheeled him back to his room I asked one last time for him to say "Mom" to me and he belted out "Mom".  I asked him to say "Dad" and got nothing so I told him he had a few weeks to work on it until Father's Day.

     Medically, Mike is still doing well.  I am not sure about the fluid in his lungs.  He is still on antibiotics for it.  He has had his trach tube in his throat capped throughout most of the day but has been receiving some oxygen at night.  They are beginning to wean him from the night oxygen completely as well and still hope to remove the trach soon.

     I did finally read some literature from Marionjoy which they keep in his wheelchair binder.  It explained that immediately after injury they use the word coma to describe the patient's condition but by the time a patient gets to Marionjoy they prefer to use a different terminology for assessment because of the patient's increased awareness.  So Marianjoy will not talk about Mike being in a coma.  (I believe he might technically be in a semi-comatose state.  Then again i could be wrong).  Anyhow, they assess Mike using the Rancho scale of cognitive levels 1-10 and Mike is currently at level 3.  I read that you do not necessarily progress up this scale like a ladder however.  Instead you might display more than one level at once or even skip a level in the gradual progression toward the goal of level 10.  I found this enlightening and helpful to understand what to expect in coming months.

     I don't have a particular verse on my heart right now but maybe this one will speak to you today…
1 Thessalonians 5:10-11    He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

 You all certainly build me up, and it is pure joy to see Mike being built up by the Master Builder.

Thanks and love, michelle

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