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5/15/06 11:27 pm Progress!

     Mike was assessed by his team of therapists and doctor today and was given a tentative length of stay.  They plan on his being discharged from Marionjoy on June 22.  Depending on his progress he could be moved on to another care facility or they may discover he would benefit from staying a bit longer and then being released directly home with a live-in caregiver (someone experienced but not medically trained).  This plan is both stunning and exciting.

     Mike has made remarkable progress as far as I can see.  While awake and alert for a few minutes at a time previously, Mike can now stay awake and alert for hours at a time.  He is being given antiobiotics to combat any sickness due to the fluid in his lungs.  He is also getting a larger dose of the drug that increases alertness.

     Today they capped his tracheotomy tube in his throat which allowed him to attempt speech.  It is difficult and he had to work at pushing air and sound together to get his voice heard.  It sounded a bit like a breathy moan but it did form words.  He said "one", "hi", "Mike", and "Michelle" to answer various cues and questions.  He also practiced different vowel sounds and mouth shapes and even tried to stick his tongue out on command.  His smile is coming around with some effort.  And everyone working with Mike is now being advised to ask him yes and no questions that he can nod an answer to.  He has indicated he is not in pain, that he did not want to take a walk, that he did like seeing pictures and that he was tired and indeed ready to go to bed using this nodding method.  He is very willing to wave and wiggle his fingers and specifically waves his fingers when someone says goodbye to leave the room.

     His therapies are going wonderfully and they are seeing the improvement they seek.  I am trying to give a clear picture of how Mike is doing but honestly it is difficult to use real words and not just shout YIKES, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  The more alert he is the more I hope those who are able try to visit once a week or so.  I believe that as he is more alert; he will be more appreciative of the chance for some more face to face contact.  Again, visiting is 9 am to 8 pm Sundays and 4-8 pm Monday through Saturday.  MarionJoy is on Roosevelt on the south side between Winfield and Naper Blvd./Naperville Rd.

     Please pray… for no complications and a clearing up of the fluid collecting in his lungs.  For Mike to have less secretions and the ability to cough them up and clear them enough that they would be able to remove the tracheotomy completely.  For his speech progress.  For the continued compassionate and skilled care from his doctors, nurses, and staff at MarionJoy.  And be sure to shout some praise!  Thanks for keeping up with the prayer as well as the encouragement and generosity!

giddy and grateful, Michelle

Psalm 136:3-4     Give thanks to the Lord of Lords, His love endures forever. To him who alone does great WOnDeRS, His love endures forever!

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